8 Consequences of Dating the Wrong Guy

8 Consequences of Dating the Wrong Guy November 15, 2017

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  • Judgeforyourself37

    It is far better to date the wrong man or woman and learn that he/she is wrong for you or maybe for anyone, than to marry the wrong person, maybe have children, and feel trapped in that marriage. Some women or men will divorce their spouses, but this is difficult, costly and depending upon the situation, difficult for the children.
    I know of one person who stayed in her, verbally and emotionally abusive, marriage for 23 years, finally divorcing him when one of her two her children begged her to do so. The children were really young adults, mature for their ages, and in their late teens.
    I know of still another who stayed with her cheating husband until his death. I thought that she would feel free, as he constantly told her how homely and stupid she was. She was not either of those things, but was lead to believe that she was unworthy, so he cheated! However, the woman, to this day, still grieves for this man who treated her so very poorly.

  • Vishnu Murthy

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