3 Lies That Satan Tells Singles

3 Lies That Satan Tells Singles November 17, 2017

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  • Johnny Rico

    Yeah, Satan talks to me every day **eyeroll**

  • Andrew

    Whilst the general advice is good, the starting premise is flawed. Not all singles are destined for marriage. Many singles remain single throughout our lives, for a wide variety of reasons. When the church keeps insisting that marriage is the ultimate ideal for all people, we are isolating and excluding those singles who are happily single, with no intention, desire or calling to marriage.

  • David Eriksen

    God will use experiences

    But you shouldn’t date in order to gain any experiences. That makes sense.

  • rtgmath

    “Satan” doesn’t actually tell us the lies. Believe me, you are nowhere on Satan’s radar to pick you out for special deceptive treatment. We do a good enough job of deceiving ourselves.

    The problem here is that if you tell someone they don’t need to ‘date,’ then they won’t really get a chance to know people. We do not live in a society where mates are selected for you by your families. That doesn’t mean that people should be pressured into dating anyone with a pulse. But people should get into social situations where they will get to know other people and others have a chance to get to know them. The definition of “dating” ought to be changed so that getting together with the unmarrieds or other young people in service projects can be viewed as social opportunities. And we should encourage people to get to know others, to talk to them, to learn what they are like.

    We say to trust “God’s timing.” But let’s face it. God doesn’t set an alarm to tell us “It’s time!” There are opportunities. We also need to be aware of the risks. Double-dating is often a safer way to go out with new people. But people who are socially awkward need help understanding the social cues, and without suggestions for navigating that, the article becomes less than helpful.

    So, maybe a followup article can give suggestions to singles (both young people and those who find themselves single after being attached for a long time) as to how to reconnect with others. Please make it practical instead of platitudes.

  • Kirk Hodges

    Satan aside, these are some good tips.

  • swbarnes2

    What a joke. You really expect people to look at evangelical idols Donald Trump, Bill Gothard, Phil Robertson, and Roy Moore , and conclude “Yeah, evangelical men in their 30’s aren’t interested in teens at all, they really want relationships with peers their own age”?

    You guys don’t want that. You don’t want women in your 30’s, you want to molest teens. If you disagree with me, post here that on your honor, you sincerely expect Alabama evangelicals to resoundingly vote against Moore. That you sincerely do not know of a single evangelical who has in anyway tried to downplay the disgustingness of a 30 year old hitting on teen girls. Show me a universal evangelical disgust when Phil Robertson said that girls are best married by age 16.

    Your silence will prove that you know you are a liar.

  • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

    Funny, I had people tell me that I should get married not Satan plus I never had a visit from Satan himself. How do you people know at Patheos know what Satan is doing?