Review: A Mystic Guide To Cleansing & Clearing

Review: A Mystic Guide To Cleansing & Clearing April 28, 2017

Time to pick up that besom and sweep that stale and negative energy out of your life! Many occult books discuss cleansing and clearing briefly but few if any are dedicated solely to the topic from a Pagan perspective. David Salisbury has done a phenomenal job of compiling methods from various spiritual, shamanic and magickal systems along with his own unique techniques and insights as a seasoned magickal practitioner in his latest book A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing. David’s down-to-earth writing style and practical advice ensures both clarity and a foundation for a solid practice, which he has shown us before with his first book, The Deep Heart of Witchcraft.

Published by Moon Books, this small but comprehensive 152 page book gets straight to the heart of the matter. Full of techniques, recipes and rituals to purify the self, the environment and banish negative energies and entities and diffuse curses and hexes. David teaches how to use meditation, rituals, stones, herbs, oils, magickal tools along with advice on petitioning deities and spirits to assist with creating a blank energetic slate to live, love and perform magick within.

As a High Priest within the Firefly Tradition of Witchcraft, a student of the BlueRose line of Anderson Feri tradition and a folk-magick practitioner, David knows what he’s talking about. He has used each technique and recipe that he shares within the book with successful results and omitted the techniques and recipes that didn’t work, which is one of the great things about him as a teacher. He walks his talk. It is void of the popular new age pseudo-expertise of other books on the subject from writers who haven’t performed or understand what they’re writing about, or share techniques that actually perpetuate or worsen the problem.

My favorite thing about this book was his real-world advice along with the metaphysical theory and lore behind it. David writes that, “I cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain a healthy, happy home. It affects everything else in your life, including your ability to communicate with other people outside the home.” While the book has some very witchy projects in it and some great techniques for special circumstances, David does a fantastic job of showing how magick can be integrated in our daily grooming and bathing routines as well as cleaning our homes as a form of energetic maintenance. Everyone could definitely benefit from this book and think every witch should have a copy of it on their bookshelves.

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