Review: Journey To The Dark Goddess

Review: Journey To The Dark Goddess July 6, 2017

Jane Meredith takes the reader down to the Underworld to confront and heal one’s inner darkness in Journey to the Dark Goddess: How To Return To Your Soul. Focusing on the goddesses that exemplify the archetype of the Dark Goddess, Jane Meredith does the Shadow Self justice by not condemning or neglecting it, but rather viewing it as a divine aspect of the self and finding the gifts of healing and integration through confronting and working with it. While the books seems focused on women as an audience, I think anyone willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone for the purpose of healing can gain something from this book, regardless of gender.

Drawing on myths of dark goddesses and their journey into the Underworld such as Inanna, Psyche and Persephone – Meredith illustrates the gifts that come with exploring one’s own darkness with honesty. The book is a mix of neo-paganism, Jungian theory and shamanistic journeying. Dark goddesses demand a lot of internal work, work that often feels like sacrifice – but it is here that we gain their greatest gifts and blessings – that of personal transformation and liberation. Full of fantastic exercises and wisdom, the book bravely tackles some very difficult subjects such as depression, fear, existential crises, and trauma. Best of all, the book is full of anecdotes from the author sharing her own journeys to the underworld and her own journey of healing.

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