Review: Tarot Triumphs

Review: Tarot Triumphs July 10, 2017

While there are many books written on the tarot, very few dive into the Marseilles tarot deck originates from Renaissance Italy and predates the more popular Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck by about 200 years. The Marseilles deck that has sat among a wide variety of decks that I own but never use. Cherry Gilchrist’s Tarot Triumphs: Using the Marseilles Tarot Trumps for Divination and Inspiration had me dusting off my Marseilles deck and taking a closer look. The book comes with high praise from many big names in occultism and tarot and for very good reason. I found myself fascinated and pulled into an extreme amount of depth that I had totally overlooked within this deck.

Focusing on the major arcana of the Marseilles deck, as the deck traditionally doesn’t have symbolic imagery for the minor arcana other than a number of suits (such as seven swords for the seven of swords), Gilchrist explores each card in their historic and cultural context in Italy during the Renaissance. She then gives the reader a quick tour of the basic interpretation and meanings of each of the cards. After this she goes in-depth to really examine and explore each card along with a full page image of the card so that you can really get a good look at what is going on within it. Gilchrist also shares a very unique method of divination which she calls “The Fool’s Mirror”. This is a fantastic book for anyone wanting to learn the mysteries of the Tarot de Marseilles.

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