Accessing Your Inner Altar with Aradia

Accessing Your Inner Altar with Aradia November 16, 2017

As I mentioned in Aradia of the White Flame, I view Aradia as being the “Altar of Diana”.  The following is how I work with Aradia to access my inner altar. This technique was composed and inspired by my training with Christopher Penczak of the Temple of Witchcraft (particularly his techniques and ideas that are also presented in the Inner Temple of Witchcraft and Instant Magick) and my training with Devin Hunter of Sacred Fires (particularly the White Flame material as presented in The Witch’s Book of Power). The idea is working with Aradia as the guide of witchery and accessing a space within yourself through the alpha brainwave state of consciousness and from a place of soul alignment to perform magick.

Image Credit: Felipe Luiz | CC0 License
Image Credit: Felipe Luiz | CC0 License

“Immediate change most often occurs when you change the inside reality first. Most practitioners of spellcraft are focused on using ritual to create a change in the environment and people around them. Most of the spells in this book focus on using energy to bring a change in you, the spell caster, rather than the outside world. When you change your inner reality, you change your viewpoint, and the way you relate to the outer world. If you transform your relationship with the situation in the inner world, you will transform the situation at hand in the outside world. Once you practice magick long enough, you realize what mystics have known for centuries – there is very little difference between the “outside” and “inside” world. It’s just a point of view.”
– Christopher Penczak
Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft

For me, the inner altar is within a specific chamber within my inner temple that is solely devoted to performing magick. As such, this is a room that I need to access fairly often when I’m not around my physical altars or have the tools that I need with me at the moment. The following is how I access my inner altar without going through my whole inner temple to get there.

Accessing The Inner Altar

  1. Get comfortable. Relax and close your eyes. Pay attention to your breath as it goes in and out, bringing special attention to the pauses between each inhalation and exhalation.
  2. Visualize your thoughts and your sense of self as the amber colored flame of the Middle Self at your Solar Plexus. Bring your attention here as the flame grows and steadies with each breath. Keep your focus until the flame grows to slowly fill and then encompass your body.
  3. Now bring your attention to a point just below the navel and focus on a ruby colored flame of the Lower Self, representing all of your primal desires, emotions and shadows. The flame grows and steadies with each breath slowly filling and encompassing your body, turning the amber flame to a ruby red flame.
  4. As you keep breathing, focus your attention on a spark of prismatic and opalescent white flame refracting all the colors of the rainbow within its whiteness just above your head. This is your Higher Self, the indestructible holy aspect of your divinity.
  5. As you breathe, this flame begins to pour down through and around you like a luminous liquid fire transmuting the ruby red flame into a flame of pure white fire. This is your witch’s fire, the union of three parts within you that reflect the three main deities of the Witch – Diana, Dianus and the Star Goddess – which has now created a new forth frequency as Aradia.
  6. Feel the power of your witch fire for a few moments permeating within every cell of your body, running through your veins and gently burning around you as a divine aura. Then affirm:
    “By divinity, ego and desire
    Aligned as one from three parts.
    Now by the power of the Witch’s Fire
    I am in tune with the ancient art.”
  7. As you settle into your witch fire you notice before you a full body black scrying mirror. You gaze at your reflection to realize that you do not see yourself, but instead see a pillar of white fire.
  8. As you focus on the white fire, what you look like fully activated you state with full power,
    “Aradia! Aradia! Aradia!
    Goddess of the witch flame
    And known by countless names.
    Come forth daughter of the night and day!
    Come forth Aradia to teach me the ways!”
  9. As you feel these words of power come from you, you notice that the reflection of your white flame is changing form. The flames flicker and shapeshift into the form of Aradia. Take a moment to pay attention. What does she look like?
  10. Aradia then reaches a hand forward, beckoning you to take it and join her on the other side of the mirror. As you take your hand you walk through the black mirror.
  11. On the other side of the mirror you realize that you are in a ritual chamber within a beautiful and powerful temple, your own inner temple. Take a moment to pay attention to the details of this temple. What is within it? Is there décor or statues?
  12. In the center of the temple Aradia stands before an altar. This is your personal inner altar. Look at the tools laid on the altar, look how beautiful each object is. As you admire the objects on the altar she waves her hands over them, blessing them. Then begin to pulsate with power.
  13. Take a moment to thank Aradia and ask her if she has any messages for you.
  14. You may now perform inner magick here, re-enacting rituals and spells as you wish, knowing that they will manifest in the outside world. Finish every inner spell by saying “As above, so below. As within, so without. As I will it, so must it be!”
  15. When you are ready to leave, go back to that black scrying mirror within your temple and walk out of it.
  16. Slowly bring awareness back to your body and when you are ready open your eyes.
  17. You can return to your inner altar anytime you wish by repeating this process.

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