How To Remember Your Dreams

How To Remember Your Dreams November 16, 2017

Everyone dreams, not everyone remembers his or her dreams. It is debated whether every single time someone sleeps they dream or not, as this is thought to be associated with different sleep cycles.  There are some people who swear that they don’t have any dreams at all anytime they sleep. This is usually untrue though; in reality they just don’t remember their dreams. Usually this is due to our western lifestyle of waking up to an alarm clock and rushing to start our day. As we see in aura viewing, the energy body is usually a few seconds slower than the physical body when it comes to movement.

Image Credit: Sarah Diniz Outeiro | CC0 License
Image Credit: Sarah Diniz Outeiro | CC0 License

The metaphysical theory behind why people don’t remember their dreams is that when one is shocked awake the astral body, which was exploring the realm of dreams, doesn’t have time to fully reintegrate and align with the rest of the body. When we are shocked awake by an alarm clock and we start immediately thinking about the day ahead our mental body takes full control and the astral body is late to relay the rest of the information to the other aspects of the energetic body. This quick shifting of gears means that a lot of the information that would have been integrated with the mental mind has now been lost.

Instead one should spend a few minutes laying completely still in their bed upon waking up. Take a moment to bring your focus solely to recollecting what they just experienced within the dream. By doing this they will allow the astral body to relay all of its experiences back to the mental body allowing for one to remember what they just experienced. Regardless of doing this, the mental body will eventually take control as the day begins and much of that information will be lost. This is why it’s crucial to keep a dream journal.

Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is infinitely helpful in exploring the insights and revelations that are brought through dreams. By keeping a journal solely focused on dreams by your bedside, you have the ability to record your experiences that may be lost as time goes on. The importance of the dream journal is so that you can not only keep a record of your dream but also recognize patterns and cycles. You may not have time to write down what you experienced at length. Instead make bullet points of important things such as:

  • Characters in the dream
  • Emotions felt in the dream
  • Objects or locations that stood out
  • Statements or messages in the dream

It is also beneficial to record the following information within your dream journal so that you can begin noticing patterns and cycles:

  • Date of dream
  • Current moon phase
  • Astrological sign the moon was in while dreaming
  • Astrological sign the sun was in while dreaming

For best results it’s incredibly helpful to also have a daily journal where you write out the events of the day, your experiences, your emotions and thoughts. By comparing the two you can gain even a greater understanding of your dreams in relation to your daily life. Some of us don’t have time to even jot down bullet points of what has occurred. For those who just don’t have the time or don’t enjoy writing things by hand you can keep a voice recorder or use an app on your phone to record your dreams into and then later write or type it out in a dream journal.

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