Review: Deeper Into The Underworld

Review: Deeper Into The Underworld December 1, 2017

In Deeper Into The Underworld: Death, Ancestors & Magical Rites, Chris Allaun takes you on a journey into the heart of the witchcraft praxis of working with ancestors. Along the journey he provides myths, legends, folklore, and some witchcraft beliefs surrounding the underworld, death, and working with the dead. He also brings a uniquely fresh understanding of the mysteries of death and explores the power of partnering with our deceased.

In his introduction Chris writes, “By learning to work with the ancestors, we will learn to work with the spirits of the dead for magick and healing. We will learn how ancient cultures summoned the beloved dead to heal grief and say final goodbyes. We will also learn magical techniques to summon the shades of the dead and the Hidden Company; those powerful spirits that can teach us ancient wisdom of long ago that can help us tread our spiritual path to find balance and healing.”

What makes this book particularly fantastic is that the majority of the book is hands-on, providing numerous workings, exercises, meditations, and rituals to ensure that you have a basic practice of ancestral veneration and partnership. From summoning spirits, meditation, offerings, dancing with the dead, to working in graveyards – The book has almost a grimoire feel about it, full of the actual “how-to” with great explanations of the background knowledge so that you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, instead of just merely talking about it.

The book is written clearly and simply, making it super easy to follow and understand. It can be read as a standalone or in combination with his previous book Underworld: Shamanism, Myth & Magick. Anyone who works with ancestors, the dead, the Hidden Company, or the underworld would definitely be missing out if they skip this book.

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