Review: The Fountain Tarot

Review: The Fountain Tarot December 1, 2017

The Fountain Tarot is a stunning tarot deck. Once originally only available as an indie deck, it’s now being mass produced due to its popularity. The cards are printed on a matte stock, which is about medium quality and have beautiful silver gilded edges. The deck comes in a very sturdy and beautiful holographic shimmering box with a magnetic-closure and lifting ribbon to ensure safe storage of the deck. As you open the box, written on the inside are the words “you are the voice and the breath of universes” which really sets the tone for this deck’s phantasmagoric vibe.

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Each card was originally an oil painting by Jonathan Saiz. The Fountain Tarot  has a very ethereal feel and energy to it, while maintaining a perfect balance of light and dark – as any good tarot deck should. For those who read a bit more psychically or intuitively than analytically, this deck is perfect for you. It’s easy to get lost in the artwork and pull information from the cards that are not the traditional meanings. On this note, the use of color is fantastic for this purpose as well, as each card masterfully displays the emotion of each card through Saiz’ use of color.

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What I particularly enjoy about this deck is the artist’s creativity – breathing a completely new interpretation into the tarot without losing sight of the traditional meanings. There are many decks I come across where it seems the artist ventures completely into a revisionist feel that is completely different than the traditional purpose of the card, or a feeling that the artist didn’t have a solid understanding of the tarot to begin with. I don’t get this impression with The Fountain Tarot at all, despite how visionary each reinterpretation of the card is, which is extremely refreshing. The deck comes with a small 12-page guidebook as well.

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