Review: Flowers From The Dead Oracle

Review: Flowers From The Dead Oracle January 9, 2018

It’s rare when I come across any oracle decks that I love. Flowers From The Dead is one of those few. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I bought another deck to gift to a friend, who ended up loving it as much as I did. This awesome indie deck by Misha Huntting Dumois is printed on a card stock that is mostly matte with a hint of gloss to it and come in a standard paper box, as a lot of decks do. The cards have a feeling and soul reminiscent of the Penny Dreadful Tarot with it’s dark, minimalist, skeletal and dangerous feeling. However this deck excels in ways that I hoped that the disappointing Penny Dreadful Tarot did not. The cards showcase the skeletal figures figures of animals, people, and insects.

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Flowers From The Dead is meant to be simple. Misha writes on her site that “Readings are simple, unlike the super intricate storytelling elements of tarot. Readers will have no more than 2 words from which to pull meaning. This tool pairs well with a tarot deck, but I also feel like it builds confidence in the reader and gives more opportunities to trust instincts—not to mention foster a connection with your subject when you’re not fumbling through a book! Cards will not come with a booklet since the meaning is on the card and meant to be an exercise in relying on instinct and building the power of intuition.” But of course, you do not have to be bound with the keywords. You most likely have your own associations with certain animals and you can definitely include that into your readings. Let your intuition be your guide. Through working with this deck, I’ve found that it’s fantastic when it comes to looking at the personality, feelings, or motivations of a person or situation – something that is often hard to pinpoint with precision with cartomancy.

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The deck consists of:

0 – *Title Card*
0 – *Spread Instructions Card*

I – BEAR (Strength – Confidence)
II – ALLIGATOR (Emotion – Healing)
III – RABBIT (Spontaneous)
IV – *non-animal card* (Empowerment – Freedom)
V – WOLF (Family – Loyalty)
VI – DEER (Gentle – Kindness)
VII – *non-animal* (Forgiveness – Sacrifice)
VIII – HORSE (Travel – Stamina)
IX – SNAKE (Transformation – Change)
X – CROW (Mystery – Magic)
XI – DRAGONFLY (Joy – Love)
XII – BEAVER (Trust – Home)
XIII – CHICKEN (Bold – Courageous)
XIV – BUFFALO (Abundance – Earth)
XV – ARMADILLO (Protection – Boundaries)
XVI – BEE (Hard Work – Success)
XVII – OWL (Caution – Wisdom)
XVIII – RACOON (Curiosity – Exploration)
XIX – *non-animal card* (Diplomacy – Kindness)
XX – BAT (Transition – Unknown)
XXI – POSSUM (Fear – Avoidance)
XXII – MOOSE (Awakening – Transcendence)
XXIII – SQUIRREL (Responsibility – Balance)
XXIV – COYOTE (Cunning – Resourceful)
XXV – FOX (Patience – Harmony)
XXVI – HAWK (Truth – Clarity)
XXVII – *non-animal card* (Fertility – Renewal)
XXIX – SCORPION (Anger – Spite)
XXX – TOAD (Cleansing – Transformation)
XXVIII – SPIDER (Jealousy – Grudge)
XXXI – MOTH (Attraction – Lust)
XXXII – *non-animal* (Withdrawn – Secretive)
XXXIII – JAVELINA (Argument – Power Struggle)
XXXIV – PEACOCK (Light Hearted – Laughter)
XXXV – DONKEY (Burden – Heavy Load)
XXXVI – SEAHORSE (Generosity – Good Luck)
XXXVII – WALRUS (Enlightenment – Faith)
XL – RAT (Purge – Simplify)
XLI – SHARK (Solitude – Anxiety)
XLII – VULTURE (Adaptable – Opportunistic)
XLIII – (Cooperation – Completion)
XLIV – FLAMINGO (Romance – Love)
XLV – HUMMING BIRD (Unique – Distinctive)
XLVI – BEETLE (Clairvoyance – Understanding)
XLVII – TURTLE (Peace – Tranquility)
XLVIII – IGUANA (Contentment – Satisfaction)
XLIX – ALLIGATOR GAR (Confusion – Misunderstood)

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