Review: Garbed In Green

Review: Garbed In Green February 15, 2018

Garbed In Green: Gay Witchcraft & The Male Mysteries by Casey Giovinco was fantastic book. Being completely unaware of the author, I took a chance with this book. Regarding the title, the author writes that “‘Garbed in green’ was a phrase used in ancient Rome to indicate that a man slept exclusively with other men. They used it like we might say ‘fairy,’ ‘light in his loafers,’ ‘soft,’ or ‘sensitive.'” The book is written with so much care and is full of fascinating information. The book covers Gay History, The Mysteries, The Male mysteries, The Gay Mysteries, Gay Mythology, Wheel of the Year Rites, as well as Magickal and Psychic Development.

The book is so greatly welcomed in an area that is lacking in literature with only a few books written on the subject – Gay Witchcraft. Giovinco touches on some controversial historical topics but does so with the utmost responsibility. The book is incredibly insightful, well researched, and well written. It is so good that I’m surprised that a prominent publishing company didn’t publish this book. The book is not only comprehensive in its view of homosexual spirituality, but also very empowering and inspiring. Giovinco lays the foundation for a magickal practice that is beautifully and uniquely queer. This book is a must-have for any gay male witch’s library and, I highly recommend it.

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