Asking Your Psychic Better Questions

Asking Your Psychic Better Questions February 15, 2018

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In my article on How To Receive A Better Psychic Reading, I wrote:

“Most readings are timed. There’s been so many times that people want to know about specific topics but are unwilling to talk about it or ask about it. Often times, this is because they are trying to test the reader, which as mentioned before is already going to hurt the reading. If there’s something on your mind that you want clarity about, speak it! You have no idea how many times a client won’t give me any information about what they want to know about. Usually this means I have to play psychic detective and most likely I’ll figure out what’s going on but then time will be up.

By being specific the reader can hone into that area of your life to give you more information, guidance, and specifics. Vague questions will often get vague responses. If you simply state “I want to look at my career.” A reader can look at what’s going on in your career and might be able to tell you what your career is. However, if you state, “I want to look at my career. Right now I’m a nurse and I’m not sure if where I’m working is the right place for me or if there’s a better option.” If you’re getting a reading that doesn’t interact directly with the reader, such as my private practice online where I read the person on my own and talk straight into a recorder, do not be afraid to provide information in the form. You will be glad you did.”

I would like to expand on this a bit because asking the right questions can be crucial to making or breaking a psychic reading of any kind. The old adage of “be careful what you ask for” applies so strongly with psychic readings, but more specifically includes “ask what you really want to know the answers to”. You may not like what you hear. As such it’s best to try to Avoid “Yes or No” Questions. So many times people ask questions where they want to hear one answer and end up being provided with an answer they don’t want to hear. Asking “Yes or No” questions can set you up for disappointment and can often lack empowerment. By changing how the question is posed, you are more likely to get empowering advice on how to proceed.

We all have free will. While a good reader can make fairly accurate predictions regarding time, the future is never set in stone. How we respond to life changes where the course goes. A psychic can predict where certain paths are leading if certain actions are taken on the part of the reader. If the client hesitates to take these actions or goes against the advice, the outcome of these paths can and are likely to change. However, certain factors such as astrological influences, and karmic influences are always at play. Some things will happen no matter what we do. How we respond to it is what is important. By framing the question correctly a psychic can help guide you through whatever life throws at you to make the best of it.

Let me provide an example. Instead of asking, “Will my wife leave me?” a better question is, “My wife and I have been having some difficulties lately. What are our obstacles? What can I do to save or improve my marriage?” Instead of asking, “Should I quit my job?”, a better way to frame this is, “I work at a hospital and I’m feeling overworked, underpaid, and I’m thinking of leaving. What advice can you provide to ensure that I’m on the best path for my career?” Instead of asking, “Will I ever be happy?”, perhaps try asking, “I’m feeling really unsatisfied with my life right now and I’m having trouble seeing the source. What can I do to be happy again?” Instead of asking whether you will achieve your goal, state what your goal is and ask what you can do to help you achieve it. Instead of asking “When will I have a romantic partner?”, a better question is “What can I do to attract the right person?”

Also, as I’ve written before in Ethics of the Psychic Witch, try avoiding questions that involve spying such as “What is so-and-so doing?” and “What does so-and-so think of me?” A better way to approach this is to explain your relationship with someone and ask what you can do to improve it.

Also know, that it’s okay to not have a specific question if there’s nothing particular on your mind. You can always ask for a general reading and ask what you need to be aware of right now.

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