Review: Feasting From The Black Cauldron

Review: Feasting From The Black Cauldron February 17, 2018

For those looking to make their first connection with a traditional style of witchcraft, Feasting From The Black Cauldron will serve as an invaluable introductory guide through the crooked path of the Old Ways, when the practices of the witch weren’t watered down, sanitized, nor for the faint of heart. Amaranthus provides his own interesting insights, perspectives, and rituals to the traditional lore and practices of Trad Craft, assisting the seeker in tapping into a primal current of historical witchery often swept under the rug in mainstream paganism and magick.

In Feasting From The Black Cauldron, Amaranthus takes the threads of traditional historic witchcraft and sorcery, modern Traditional Witchcraft, and personal anecdotes, braiding them together to give us a peek into the praxis and cosmology of this American Trad Craft practitioner. It is with this braided cord that he then begins to lead the reader on a tightrope walk, maintaining a fine balance of hinting at oathbound secrets without ever breaking those oaths and fully revealing the mysteries. However, if you have the eyes to see you will find that he’s pointing you in their direction.

For those who are well versed in the realm of Traditional Witchcraft, you will find a lot of familiar material presented with interesting perspectives and thoughts, and a bit that I have not read elsewhere. I found myself feeling a familiarity with the author while reading, feeling as if he was an old friend in the Craft, whose stories and experiences I could identify with and who had a lot of perspectives and thoughts I could agree with. I think the most interesting aspect of the book was how simple the practices and invocations provided are, which is unexpected for a book on modern Traditional Witchcraft, but shows that the author had the beginner in mind while writing for those with an intermediary practice.

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