How To Receive A Better Psychic Reading

How To Receive A Better Psychic Reading November 5, 2017

Over the years I’ve noticed a difference in how good a psychic reading can be based upon certain things a client does. I’ve been professionally reading for several years now, and always examine my work and interactions with others. Believe it or not, you the client, can make or break a reading. I thought it would be helpful for me to share what I’ve learned so that you can receive a better reading with any reader that you choose to go to.

Image Credit: Pexels | CC0 License
Image Credit: Pexels | CC0 License

Be Open

The attitude you have when entering a reading can drastically alter the quality of the reading itself. I recommend spending some time just meditating and relaxing before a reading. This will increase your energy, which will give the reader a better chance of connecting with it. Come in with an open mind, being able to soak up any and all information that may be given to you. Suspend disbelief until after the reading. If you come in with suspicion or skepticism, this will greatly alter the reading. If you can just experience the reading at the time and discern it afterwards, there’s a greater chance that the reader will not have to fight your energy to get to information.

For example, last month while reading in Salem in-person, I had a client who was meditating while waiting in line for a reading. When she sat down her energy was so open, it was so easy to give her a reading. She said she’d like to focus on career when I asked her. While I was shuffling the cards I told her that I sensed that she was in the healthcare field. She nodded. I told her that I sensed she didn’t work at a hospital or if she does work at a hospital then she shouldn’t be. She responded that, “That’s what I wanted to know, I work at this private facility and my friend keeps asking me and pressuring me to work at her hospital.” She had no further questions, thanked me, tipped me, and left. In three minutes without drawing a single tarot card, which is my divinatory tool of choice. I could get to the exact information that was needed because she was so insanely open and her energy was so strong.

Be Respectful

Don’t treat your reader like a vending machine. Don’t treat your reader with disrespect and ungratefulness. Don’t try to test them. Don’t mock psychic readings. Don’t be an asshole. Be respectful of the reader and the reading. This is so simple that it doesn’t even need any more explanation.

Follow Instructions

It’s important to follow instructions. At the beginning of most in-person sessions, I ask the client to take a deep breath, relax and open up. I ask this for several reasons. The first reason is I need the client to be relaxed. The second reason is I’m trying to connect with their energy. The third reason is that I’m trying to get their aura to open up so that I can get information from that and connect stronger. The fourth reason is mundane. I’m checking to see if they follow instructions because I want to see how willing they are to have this session. You’d be surprised how often people don’t want to follow these simple instructions. This cues me in that they aren’t open to what I have to say for some reason and that I shouldn’t try to waste too much of my energy to bring through information that they’re just going to reject, or not listen to or take seriously.

I also ask that they don’t cross their hands, arms, fingers, or legs. The reason for this is because that is how we naturally block our energy. Notice anytime people are in an uncomfortable situation or feel vulnerable they will cross their arms. That’s because they’re instinctively shielding themselves. Getting a reading can make you feel vulnerable, and you definitely are. But if you’re shielding, you’re blocking the reading’s quality as you’re blocking your energy. As previously stated, it’s all about being open energetically. The goal is that both the client and the reader are comfortable so that a strong connection can be made.

Understand What Type of Service That You Want

Know what you want. Several times I’ve had people tell me that they want mediumship. I’ll ask them if they have anyone they’re trying to connect with and sometimes they’ll say no. I’ll follow up by asking if they have a lot of deceased family or friends. If the answer is still no, then I’ll ask if they have any. You’d be surprised how often the answer is still no. It’s pretty hard to do mediumship when there’s no one to connect with. That’s like asking to have a cat healing session when you don’t own a cat.

Don’t Interview The Reader During The Session

The time to ask questions about the reader and reading is before a session, not during. You have no idea how many times someone sits down with me, gives me a weird look because I don’t somehow fit their criteria of what a psychic reader should look like and ask me, “So how long have you been doing readings?” If it’s innocent, that’s no problem, but often these are charged and accusatory questions, assuming that I must not know what I’m doing. When I respond, “About 17 – almost 18 years since I started reading tarot.” I often get a surprised look or a look of disbelief. Already I know the session will not be the greatest on their end. The same goes when people ask who I’ve trained with, how many people I’ve read, etc. These are all inappropriate questions during a reading that should have been asked beforehand. The main reason is that we’re here to talk about you and to look at your life during the reading, not talk about the reader. It changes the flow of energy in the wrong direction for the reading.

Communicate & Formulate Questions

Some readers ask you not to ask questions or talk. Ask at the beginning with your reader to see what they prefer. If there’s something you want to know about, be specific. Most readings are timed. There’s been so many times that people want to know about specific topics but are unwilling to talk about it or ask about it. Often times, this is because they are trying to test the reader, which as mentioned before is already going to hurt the reading. If there’s something on your mind that you want clarity about, speak it! You have no idea how many times a client won’t give me any information about what they want to know about. Usually this means I have to play psychic detective and most likely I’ll figure out what’s going on but then time will be up.

By being specific the reader can hone into that area of your life to give you more information, guidance, and specifics. Vague questions will often get vague responses. If you simply state “I want to look at my career.” A reader can look at what’s going on in your career and might be able to tell you what your career is. However, if you state, “I want to look at my career. Right now I’m a nurse and I’m not sure if where I’m working is the right place for me or if there’s a better option.” If you’re getting a reading that doesn’t interact directly with the reader, such as my private practice online where I read the person on my own and talk straight into a recorder, do not be afraid to provide information in the form. You will be glad you did.

Understand That You May Not Like What You Hear

A good reader will not simply flatter you and tell you what you want to hear. They will tell you what they see, regardless of how badly they wish that they could give you the information you want to hear. Know that there’s a chance that you will hear information that may disappoint you. A good reader will always frame it in a way that will then provide options forward and motivation to overcome the obstacles. Also, if you’re coming for mediumship, understand that the person you’re hoping to hear from, may not come forward. You may hear from someone that you don’t want to necessarily hear from. Whoever comes through, comes through. As much as you love grandma, she may not be with you at the time, or may not have anything relevant or important to tell you. If there’s someone specific you want to connect with during a mediumship session, spend time while meditating asking your loved one to come through clearly during the session. This will definitely help, but be open to the fact that they may not choose to connect at the time despite your requests.

Understand That Not Everything Will Make Sense

During a reading, not everything will make sense. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes, people get what I refer to as “psychic amnesia” where they just aren’t connecting the dots or their memory is failing them because they’re so immersed in experience of getting a reading that their mind just isn’t working as it should be. Take mental notes, if you have the reader’s permission then take physical notes or record the session. I have learned to not doubt what comes through and will often double check several times if I’m uncertain. Another reason that you may not know is because you just don’t know. This is why you’re coming to a psychic to begin with, to learn things that are hidden and information you may not be aware of, right?

It’s still bizarre to me how many times a reading will be 100% on target and then one piece of information will come up and the client will say “no.” If everything so far has been accurate, suspend disbelief and just hold onto what is being said. As an example, one year I read a lady who wanted to know about her son. Everything was accurate according to her except for one piece of information. I kept seeing syringe needles during the reading, kept feeling tired and my antecubital space (the opposite side of the elbow on the inside of the arm) kept aching. I relayed this information and told her that I believed that her son was on heroin. “He does drugs, but has never done heroin, he hates needles, so that’s impossible.” I told her to just hold onto the information even if it didn’t make sense. A year later she came back to me and told me that the night after the reading she went into her son’s room and found used syringes. Because she chose to suspend disbelief, she was able to put him into rehab before the addiction got too out of hand.

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