The Art & Spirit Work of Vibrational Essences

The Art & Spirit Work of Vibrational Essences April 28, 2018

Image Credit: HMphoto | Courtesy of Jessica Rose Booth

Jessica Rose Booth is a healer and writer, thriving in family community at Sweet Lovin’ Ranch where she produces her own line of flower and gem essences, Sweet Lovin’ Essences.  She is a Red Drum Carrier and Elder Priestess of the Sacred Grove with the Red Moon Mystery School. She has a background in naturopathic nutrition, Shiatsu, Reiki and Plant Spirit Medicine and brings together her love for living well and her joy in writing with online programs and live retreats such as Sacred Fertility, Sacred Wild Witch, Rebel Rose Reiki,  and the Sacred Medicine Cupboard book.

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In the book you co-wrote, Sacred Medicine Cupboard, you explain how to make flower essences right off the bat in chapter one. For those who are unfamiliar, what are vibrational essences and how do they differ from other liquid concoctions such as essential oils?

Vibrational Essences are like the soul of the plant, essential oils and dried herbs are more like the physical body. The beauty of vibrational medicine is that it works by resonating in the subtle bodies- so the auric field, the chakras and meridians, the energy systems that are located in and around the physical body. When the essences begin resonating or vibrating within your energy systems, gentle changes occur. Sometimes the feeling can be like a spontaneous exhalation, a release of something being held. Other times, it can be a gentle awakening of energy or a soothing reassurance as the plant or crystal begins to support you. It makes essences both subtle and profound.

How did you begin working with vibrational essences? How long have you been doing it?

I always talked to plants and I thought everyone else did too. When it came time to choose a college, I went to visit the campus at UCSC and felt so enamored by the redwoods, I knew I had to go there. The power of being surrounded by such beings as those trees was life changing. There is such intimacy to be found in nature, such solace. Even though I didn’t start making essences until I started my healing journey years later, I feel the plants have always been with me. I have been working with essences for about 7 years now. I started using them as part of my birth work and in my shiatsu & Reiki practice but then followed through with a full training. Now I produce them from plants I grow and tend myself.

Essences can be made with other ingredients right? Can you work with stones or anything else?

Yes. There is a wide and wonderful world of essences out there. You make a vibrational essence from living plants, crystals, music, channeled ceremony, the cosmos, sacred sites. Goodness! People are making some really fantastic medicine at the moment. The main thing for me always is working in good relationship with the devas of the medicine. What you bring and what they bring needs to be given freely and needs to be in harmony of purpose.

There’s a strong spirit journey aspect to the work you do with flower essences. Do you connect more with the individual spirit of the plants or the devas or both? Can you explain the difference?

In my practice, I always journey to the plant spirit before I even make an essence with a plant. For me, the relationship I have with the plant deva informs the type of medicine we make together. While individual plants do have their own consciousness, they are very connected to Source- so individual identity isn’t really a consideration for them for the most part. When I journey, I ask to meet the over arching archetype/ deva of the plant. Then I listen with all my senses- what parts of my physical body connect with this plant? What parts of my emotional body are activated? Are there any energy systems involved? Does the plant show me a memory or a story or a specific message. The plant devas are around us all the time on the astral plane so you don’t need to go very far to meet them. I feel like more than anything it is a listening exercise.

What are some of the more interesting plant devas you’ve met?

One of my most favorite was Bog Myrtle, also called Sweet Gale. I made an essence with that plant in a remote Welsh marsh. It is a green shrub, not really any flowers so to speak but it smells amazing. Spicy, sweet, green all the same time. So I entered into the meditation I use and this young boy comes bouncing into sight. He had such a Peter Pan, playful quality to his energy. Like pure joy but a little mischievous and wanting to be seen. This is an essence I use with people who maybe take on too much responsibility or had to grow up too fast. It helps unlock those playful parts of us that often get ignored.

I don’t always see the plants with a body either so it was a special treat that the plant came to me that way.

When I met Hawthorn for example, I saw and intricate dance and pattern of movement, it almost looked like a rearranging of DNA strands coming from my heart center. I felt this ancient presence, soft and incredibly healing. And as I‘ve worked with Hawthorn, time and time again it has been a true heart healer but I have also seen it working with deep ancestral patterns.

Any main themes or messages that the plant devas seem to consistently relay? Or are they all completely unique and diverse in their messages?

What I have found is that plants mostly want us to be in relationship with them. To remember that we have a relationship with them and what that means as far as our responsibilities go, like taking better care of nature.

But, other than that, for the most part plants are unique and diverse in their messages because they have their own unique signature. We know that being in a rose garden feels different to being in the woods. And even between plants we can feel that a red rose conjures different sensations, emotionally, spiritually and energetically for us than a white rose for example. I think this is a great experiment for people too- to start paying attention to those different qualities of sensation. Because what we are talking about is practical. It is experiential. Anyone can go and feel it. I think even starting with the basics, notice how you feel sitting in your home. Consider your posture, your breathing, what kind of thoughts and feelings you are having. Next, go outside. Stand next to a tree or put your feet on the earth. Notice what changes in your body, in your thoughts, in your breath. This difference in qualities of energy is how I begin to understand the different messages of the plants, crystals , whatever I am working with.

You also do a lot of sacred fertility and pregnancy work too. I’m assuming that vibrational essences are safe for pregnant folks or people with allergies? Could you work with baneful plants safely this way?

Essences don’t have any contraindications, so they are safe for everyone. And yes I do work with baneful plants this way. I made a very special Yew essence once from a 3000 plus year old tree in an old churchyard in the UK. The tree took me on the most amazing journey. He called himself the Bard and sang me songs of different planes of being. He walked me trough liminal spaces, doorways and transitions. A true gatekeeper. When I make baneful essences, I always make sure to take the plants guidance on how to make the medicine and they are plants I know intimately. I would not make an essence from a poison plant I just met. It isn’t a one night stand kind of relationship- especially with poisons.

Image Courtesy of Jessica Rose Booth

I must say that your essences are amazing. I wasn’t sure if I believed they would actually work or not but was pretty impressed. They have such a strong and clearer energy than other essences I’ve come across. What is unique about your products?

I don’t feel I can really take credit for them – I am just an agent of the plant’s guidance in all things. But perhaps it is the special relationship and the love I have for the plants that comes through? Love is a pretty powerful tonic.

How have your vibrational essences helped others?

Essences are so versatile but at their core, they offer people a tool to be proactive in their own healing.

In my practice, the essence combinations were born out of looking to meet some common challenges of people I work with. Bright Spark Elixir has Maple Tree essence in it, and this tree showed me a powerful reserve of warmth and strength, a plentiful rooted nourishment. At the time, I was working with a postpartum mother who was running on empty energetically due to some ongoing complications left over from the pregnancy. In her case, that energetic sustenance from maple helped to begin restoring her deep reserves of vital force. She took it all winter and along with some other support through nutrition was able to find her groove again.

Another essence combination like that is the Indigo Elixir. Being an empath myself, I have spent many years learning about how to process energy. In my practice, I was seeing more and more sensitive souls looking for better tools too. Of course Reiki is also wonderful for this sort of thing. But not everyone uses Reiki and I wanted something tangible for people. So I asked the plants and they responded. I have had a great response to this combination as it helps us to tap into our own home frequency. It calms, smoothes and balances the auric and energetic systems. I have found children especially responsive to this one, especially those who are very sensitive.

How might somebody use vibration essences if they’re brand new to them?

I like to take just a couple of drops of essence in water that I sip through the day. But they can be added to skin care products, cleaning products, foods, spells, art supplies and so much more. You don’t need to over-think picking one either-you can look at pictures of plants and choose one that catches your eye. You can use a pendulum or muscle testing if you do those things. For my daughter, I ask her how she wants to feel. Then I ask her to go to the box and find one that feels like that. It works every time! Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way and open to the healing available right in front us.

Any upcoming projects you’re working on? Anything we can look forward to?

Yes! I am putting together a new online class based on the Sacred Medicine Cupboard book for teens who are interested in plant work and vibrational healing. I am also creating an oracle deck with Anni Daulter and co-authoring a Tree Wisdom class with Nikiah Seeds from the Red Moon Mystery School.

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