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Lilith’s Love Magick April 30, 2018

Lilith Dorsey M.A. hails from many magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I., New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria, also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. She has been a professional psychic for over three decades. Lilith Dorsey is also the author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism, The African American Ritual Cookbook, and Love Magic. Please contact her at via email for more information.

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To begin with, since you wrote an excellent book on it, can you define love magick for us?
Love Magick is, hopefully, the process of improving the chances of bringing the right love for you directly to you. It isn’t about controlling another person, but rather opening up your heart, mind, and soul so that love can come in.

Metaphysically, what do believe love is?
Love is a deep connection on every level. It can be physical, but it can be platonic as well. At it’s core it is about mutual respect and harmonizing with another individual in a way that is beneficial to all.

Many people embrace the idea of “soulmates” in our society and believe that there’s a perfect or destined match out there for everyone. Do you believe this? What about people who are polyamorous?
People talk about soul mates and twin flames a lot these days. I believe in these things, and I have experienced the energy that people are describing when deeply twinned to another person. However, I don’t think these things are limited to just two people. People can feel these deep connections with more than one person, either simultaneously or occurring multiple times in their life. While I personally am not polyamorous, I know several relationships that seem to function better this way. People need to focus on solutions that work for them, and also help them to be their most highest self.

Love magick and love spells seem to be taboo, even among many witches. Many people worry that love magick is coercive in nature. As a magickal practitioner with a lot of integrity and an expert on the subject, how can love magick be performed in the most consensual and mindful way possible for the benefit of everyone involved?
As I mentioned earlier love magick shouldn’t be controlling or coercive, but all magick is at it’s core about shifting the energies of the universe to improve your situation. If you surround yourself with positive love magick through spells and rituals, you will hopefully attract the best love into your life. Using magick to trap someone will always backfire. Here’s an unpleasant cautionary tale for you. I had a friend who read in a book that feeding menstrual blood to your partner will keep them by your side forever. She cooked up some into a burger, her partner ended up dropping the food on the floor and the dog ate it. Needless to say the dog was by her side forever, and the man left shortly after.

How does love magick differ from more mundane forms of persuasion or seduction?
I probably have pretty non-traditional boundaries when it comes to the difference between mundane seduction and magickal. Now while cooking your lover their favorite meal is very different from wrapping their underwear up with some herbs and oils, both of these things are designed to turn the tides of love back towards you. Is one more ethical than the other, certainly. Would I recommend one and try to discourage someone who comes to me for psychic consultation if they were looking for the other, definitely. Lots of times I have clients that come to me looking to improve things in their relationship and I will recommend adding something like basil to remove negativity, or cinnamon for healing to one of their favorite recipes to share with their partner. Magic can be complex, but it can also be simple.

When we think of love magick, we tend to think of roses and red and pink candles. What are some other essential (or surprising) supplies for love magick?
There are so many supplies that are used for creating Love Magick. People use absolutely everything – from rose quartz crystals to raccoon penis bones. Individuals need to figure out what’s right for them. I remember once I was on my way to teach my aphrodisiac foods class and I was speaking to my cab driver about it on the way over. This man proceeded to tell me about how his wife made this chocolate peanut pie that always put him in the mood. For these folks peanuts got them excited, while for some people peanuts can cause a dangerous allergic reaction. Through magick, divination, and spiritual guidance people can find out what elements of love magick will work best for them.

How can someone who is in a happy relationship or marriage benefit from love magick?
I believe everyone can benefit from love magick. Things can always get better, and I suggest people consider doing magickal workings to improve communication, balance, and also to protect their relationship even when things are going well for them.

How have you seen love magick benefit the lives of others?
I have seen love magick benefit people in every way possible. I have helped my clients and students successfully improve all aspects of their love life, helping them with marriage, fertility, romance, and everything else. Most importantly I have helped them better learn how to love themselves, which is the first and most important aspect of love magic.

As magickal practitioners we know to be careful about what we ask for because we might get exactly that. Have you seen this play out in love magick? Can you give us any stories that stick out for you regarding this?
Be careful what you wish for, I’ve been a working witch my whole life, and each day I see this concept played out in interesting and unique ways. I’ve seen people do magick to get a marriage proposal and then get proposed to by homeless person on the subway, or get the proposal and then get cheated on the same day. What I recommend is that people ask for the best possible love for them, then you can ensure you will get what you need to both survive and hopefully thrive.

Any other projects that you’re working on right now that we can look forward to?
As always there are a lot of new and exciting things going on here. I’m doing many fantastic events and appearances in the coming weeks and people can check out when and where on my event page. I’m also really glad to announce I’ve begun offering workshops online as part of the Mystery School of the Goddess. Finally, people should always keep an eye on my blog Voodoo Universe for new voodoo videos, a series on Brooklyn magic, and much more realness.

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