Review: The Plant Spirit Familiar

Review: The Plant Spirit Familiar September 3, 2018

If there’s one book I would recommend to a witch looking to work with plants, it would be The Plant Spirit Familiar: Green Totems, Teachers & Healers On The Path of The Witch by Christopher Penczak. I would recommend this to the beginner as well as the more seasoned magickal practitioner. Penczak, as usual, does a fantastic job of introducing topics and teaching them in a manner that is easy to follow, taking the reader from the very basics to the deeper heart of magickal practices, and this book is no exception. The book approaches the relationship and work between the witch and the plant from pretty much every possible angle, which is a hallmark of all of Penczak’s written works. He covers the history and lore of the relationship between witches, familiar spirits, and the plant world. Throughout the book the witch will learn how to work with plants in such a wide variety of ways, adding depth to their own relationships and magickal practices with plants.

The book’s primary focus though is on the bond between the magickal practitioner and the realm of the plant spirits. Dividing plants into three main categories; balms, banes, and plant teachers – Penczak guides the reader into developing a deep bond and appreciation for the world of flora with recipes, rituals, meditations, and magickal practices. I cannot stress how many bases this book covers when it comes to plants, and despite this Penczak still brings his experience along with new ideas, gnosis, and different perspectives to the table. Whether you’re a fan of Scott Cunningham, Harold Roth, Daniel Schulke, Sarah Anne Lawless, Paul Beyerl, or Raven Grimassi’s works and teachings regarding plants and witchcraft, you will gain something of great value from this book. Whether you’re into gardening, vibrational remedies, incense-making, teas, tinctures, ointments, essential oils, spirit work, herbalism, or the history and lore of the relationship between witch and plant, this book has something for every witch.

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