Review: Elfhame’s Children

Review: Elfhame’s Children December 16, 2018

Elfhame’s Children: The Covenant of Witch and Faery by Veronica Cummer is both well researched and highly creative. If you’re a fan of the works on the subject of the fae by writers such as R.J. Stewart or Orion Foxwood, you will love this book as it felt like it’s tapping into a similar vein of the faery world. In fact, Orion Foxwood wrote an endorsement blurb on the back cover of the book. The book is full of information but also serves as much more introductory on the subject than the other aforementioned writers, whose work I absolutely adore. The book not only discusses who and what the fae are, but is full of rituals, meditations, recipes, charms, divination, scrying, and practices to make contact with the hidden folk and establish a lasting relationship and bond.

The book is well balanced between how-to, poetry, research, anecdotal stories, and messages from the faery folk themselves. As such the book has a very interesting mix of informative, practical, imaginative, style of writing. Throughout the pages, the book focuses on the relationship between witches and faeries, a relationship which blurs and intertwines throughout history, including myths of witches possessing faeryblood, sometimes called the witchblood. The book addresses working with both the light and dark fae, or rather the seelie and unseelie courts of faery. I particularly liked that Cummer added information on offerings to the fae which also includes recipes as it’s always good to know what spirits enjoy or take offense to when working with them. Elfhame’s Children: The Covenant of Witch and Faery is perfect for anyone who already works with the fae or who is looking to learn more about them and begin a relationship.


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