Review: Transformative Witchcraft

Review: Transformative Witchcraft January 5, 2019

Initiation is an experience that transforms the initiate, their perception, and their connection with the universe. Like a moth bursting from its cocoon, both the initiate and the initiate’s way of interacting with the world around them is forever altered. Initiation, like many of the Great Mysteries, are difficult to explain because we lack the vocabulary to share these experiences with those who haven’t experienced them. This is mostly due to the fact that they’re experiences that often lack succinctness without someone experiencing it directly for themselves. With Transformative Witchcraft: The Greater Mysteries, Jason Mankey tries to tackle just that – explain the unexplainable – and does a great job at succeeding in it by providing the background and acuity behind these practices.

One of the things that I admire about Jason Mankey’s writing is that he is extremely well researched yet still writes and shares that information in an accessible manner. Transformative Witchcraft: The Greater Mysteries is hands-down his best work to date and is a remarkable contribution to the legacy of Witchcraft books. In the book, he explores the roots that influenced Gerald Gardner and some of Wicca’s core practices. As he explores the ideas and purposes behind those roots, he provides insight and depth to Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft practices that have gone on to influence other forms of Witchcraft praxis over the years. However, I should be clear that this isn’t a book about Gardnerian Wicca, this is a book about Witchcraft that everyone can benefit from regardless of their tradition or if they don’t have a tradition.

Throughout Transformative Witchcraft: The Greater Mysteries, Jason Mankey re-ensouls the power of core witchcraft practices back to their proper purpose of transformation, connection, and communion providing the insight and expertise of decades of experience as a practicing witch. The book is thought-provoking, expertly researched with straight-forward honesty, intertwined with amusing and charming anecdotes, and chock-full of rituals along with guidance to ensure that you have a transformative experience. Definitely do not miss this book.

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