Review: Stones of the Goddess

Review: Stones of the Goddess February 6, 2019

Nicholas Pearson - Stones of the Goddess

As a professional occult teacher, writer, and author; Nicholas Pearson has been my go-to guy when I have questions when it comes to anything crystal related. Be it a metaphysical question or a geology question related to the world of stones, he’s the person I most often turn to. In my eyes, he is a peerless authority when it comes to knowledge of crystals, stones, rocks, gemstones, and minerals – with his expertise bridging geology, metaphysics, mythology, and occultism. His latest offering, Stones of the Goddess: Crystals for the Divine Feminine, is a considerable contribution to the occult, metaphysical, pagan, goddess worshiper, and witchcraft communities.

This gorgeous book is thick and hefty in size consisting of fully colored pages with stunning images of crystals, grids, and crystal altars. What’s refreshing about Pearson as an author is that he doesn’t just regurgitate information because a previous book wrote it, but instead understands the geographical and geological reasons why stones have the energies that they do and how they can assist us. Stones of the Goddess: Crystals for the Divine Feminine is sure to deepen your relationship with the world of rocks, goddesses, healing, and magick and is a book that every practicing witch and magickian should have in their library.

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