Review: The Witch’s Mirror

Review: The Witch’s Mirror February 4, 2019

Mickie Mueller - The Witch's Mirror

The Witch’s Mirror: The Craft, Lore & Magick of the Looking Glass by Mickie Mueller is absolutely brilliant. The whole Witch’s Tools series by Llewellyn has really impressed me. Instead of recycling old information that most witches know about, each book I’ve read so far really brings new perspectives, techniques, information, and history to the table. The Witch’s Mirror is no exception. One of the things that I particularly love about Mickie Mueller and her writing style is that she’s really fun to read while explaining things clearly. The book’s cover and illustrations throughout are done by Mickie herself (and she also does the art for all the other books in this series) and her style of art is easy to fall in love with.

So what makes The Witch’s Mirror stand out in regards to magickal mirrors? Aside from a great overview of how mirrors were worked with in magick, scrying, and superstition throughout world history – Mickie provides fascinating insights and techniques throughout its pages. For example, she explains how light reflection works on different types of mirrors and how that translates into the world of magickal energy. The book is full of spells, rituals, divinatory techniques and also has a section on crafting your own magick mirrors and how to make and use different washes for them. You’ll also learn brilliant techniques such as using mirrors as energetic traps, amplifiers, shields and more. Definitely the best book that I’ve read on the subject. The book gets straight to business while providing all the information you need on using magickal mirrors.

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