Review: The Witch’s Athame

Review: The Witch’s Athame June 9, 2019

Jason Mankey The Witch's Athame

Anytime I pick up a book that has “Jason Mankey” on the cover, I know that I’m going to learn a ton. The Witch’s Athame is absolutely no exception. Jason Mankey’s superpower of approaching the history of witchcraft in a scholarly fashion yet presenting it in a conversational manner, is highly admirable and extremely rare. I really don’t think there’s anything you could want to know about athames that aren’t in the book, including the mystery of where the word “athame” most likely comes from (and Jason presents a few different interesting theories). The book isn’t just about athames specifically though, Jason covers all forms of blades used in witchcraft as well as almost any other form of magick you can think of, which includes not only athames but also bollines, sickles, swords, and even kitchen knives.

The Witch’s Athame isn’t merely historical but also ritual and practice oriented. Jason provides many rituals,  exercises, and techniques from empowering your athame to how to use it in magick. The book is very approachable for beginners, but I believe witches of any experience level will benefit and learn from this book. There’s also sprinkles of Jason’s humor throughout the book, which has always been my favorite aspect of his writing. Like the other books in the Witch’s Tools series, this book contains guest blurbs from other writers that share stories and ideas related to ritual blades. This book, like all the others in this series are a must-have for witches. While most books have at most a page or two about the athame (if even that), for the first time Jason has provided an entire book dedicated to it.


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