Review: What We Knew In The Night

Review: What We Knew In The Night July 15, 2019

Raven Grimassi - What We Knew In The Night

As the final book written by Raven Grimassi before his passing, What We Knew in the Night: Reawakening the Heart of Witchcraft is the crown jewel of the legacy of countless contributions that this extraordinary man has provided the witchcraft world. Grimassi provides the deep wisdom that comes from being involved in the witchcraft world for half a century: training, teaching, lecturing, writing books, and interacting with witches and occultists of all types. The book provides what no other book on witchcraft does – a perspective that can only come from both observation and involvement within witchcraft for over 60 years.

In What We Knew in the Night: Reawakening the Heart of Witchcraft, Raven reminisces on mysteries that he feels have been lost from those early years before the modern witchcraft and magick renaissance and this book’s goal is to preserve that knowledge. These mysteries are those that the witches, regardless of tradition, all knew when gathering together in secret in the night during those early years, hence the title. As such, the insight and sagacity provided within the pages of this book are unparalleled and invaluable to any earnest witch seeking to dive deeper into the heart of the spirit of witchcraft. You definitely do not want to miss this book.


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