Review: What Is Remembered Lives

Review: What Is Remembered Lives July 30, 2019

Phoenix LeFae What Is Remembered Lives

What Is Remembered Lives: Developing Relationships with Deities, Ancestors & the Fae by Phoenix LeFae covers pretty much what you would expect from its subtitle. The book is a how-to book for gaining contact and working with the three main groups of spirits that are sacred to the witch. LeFae keeps her term for “Fae” very broad, covering a whole host of spirits, which I found refreshing. She starts with quick and succinct explanations of the ins and outs of energy work and trace states and provides guided practices to assist you in all the work in the book. On a personal level, I loved how flawlessly compatible her practices were with my own.

In the deity section, she introduces you to some of her personal favorite deities with ways to work with them: Baba Yaga, Brigid, Morgan LeFay, Hapi, Mitras, Dionysus, Aradia, and Lilith. I particularly loved the beautiful storytelling LeFae weaves into each deity’s section. While her deities come from many different traditions and cultures, she’s very respectful and emphasizes truly learning the history of that deity and the traditions and cultures they come from and keeping them within the context of that.

In the ancestral section, she encompasses working with the Mighty Dead, your own personal ancestors, your beloved dead, and the forgotten dead. What I truly loved about this section was her section entitled “Grief as a Magickal Practice”, which I found genius, powerful, and moving. In the fae section, she encourages you to learn the story of your land as well as the plants and animals that inhabit it, and what that might mean for the descendants of white colonizers who aren’t indigenous to the land. She explains the etiquette of working with the fae and ways to attract them. She finishes the book off with how to implement these practices throughout the whole year.

What Is Remembered Lives is written beautifully, is approachable and while being beginner-friendly, contains gems that seasoned practitioners will love. She responsibly discusses discernment and testing spirits, while encouraging you to create your very own relationships with the inhabitant of the unseen realms. This book was a delight to read and I highly recommend it to any witch looking to connect with spirits, learn how to provide proper offerings, and respectfully build relationships that ensure that what is remembered by us, lives on through us.

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