5 Reasons Why Heaven (Tourism) Isn’t for Real

5 Reasons Why Heaven (Tourism) Isn’t for Real July 20, 2016

Coma girl cropped and resized

1. The Only Kind of Mind-Body Separation is Believing in It

Near-death experience true believers assert that NDEs are proof of mind-brain separation because they claim that the brains of those undergoing them are incapable of generating what the NDErs believe they experienced. My doctors proclaimed me a vegetable, yet was I existing in a rich dream world I call my coma-dream. I was experiencing what is called covert cognition.

Needless to say, my mind stayed in my body, but my brain was aware of much of what was going on around me. Even as my doctors were shining lights in my eyes to gauge my level of awareness, I was telling them–in my coma-dream–to leave me alone so I could get back to sleep.

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