It’s Never Too Late to Head Back to School

It’s Never Too Late to Head Back to School November 20, 2015


By Bill Peel

More and more adults are heading back to college to sharpen their skills and broaden their understanding—especially in the rapidly changing realm of business. In fact, according to NBC News, the enrollment rate of adults going back to school is rising faster than typical college-aged students.

This growing trend prompted C12 Group, the largest Christian CEO roundtable organization in the U.S., to team up with LeTourneau University to offer MBA programs to its 1800 members. The strategic partnership was recently announced at C12’s national convention in Orlando.

The Benefits of More Education

Is additional education something you should consider? For some, earning an advanced degree like an MBA can open doors for advancement. Benefits also abound for those who are starting a new business or growing an existing business. An article in Entrepreneur magazine says going back to school is a good move for entrepreneurs because they can …

  • Broaden their understanding of the craft of entrepreneurship
  • Gain practical knowledge
  • Improve their skills
  • Learn from peers

It’s Never Too Late

Four years ago I enrolled in a doctoral program in workplace theology, ethics and leadership at Gordon Conwell seminary. At graduation last May, I didn’t mind being the oldest person to receive a diploma because I’m now Dr. William Carr Peel. But it wasn’t the title I was after. I did it for the mental stimulation of diving deeper into the realm of knowledge I love, alongside seasoned professors and peers from around the world.

How about you? Could you use an educational tune-up for your business or career? I highly recommend it.

Reprinted from the Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University. Image: CFW.

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