NEWS: ReFrame Goes Global

NEWS: ReFrame Goes Global December 3, 2015


We just got this nice news from the folks at ReFrame about new foreign-language versions of this great curriculum for connecting Sunday faith and Monday work. Be sure to check it out and to tell your friends!  Contact ReFrame for more information.

Reframe Goes Global

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ReFrame with French, Spanish, and English subtitles. Translations are now available in both digital and DVD formats on the ReFrame website. 

With courses running in 26 countries, we continue to hear of ReFrame’s relevance to a global audience. This past summer, the Lausanne Movement began using ReFrame as a training tool with 1,000 young leaders from 150 countries around the world. Read the full story

Do you know a person, group, or organization that would benefit from these translations? Share this email, or consider gifting a translated copy of ReFrame.

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