October 13, 2019

Astrology isn’t about blaming our issues on the perceived motion of a neighboring planet; it is the study of the energies radiating from the planets and constellations as they influence humankind. If you recognize that the Earth has its own vibration, you cannot deny that other planets do as well. Those vibrations mix like tracks on playlist and the gods are the DJs. Read more

October 7, 2019

Do you hear the urging within you to advocate for your best interests? How would your life be different if you listened to it more, assuming you’re not already oriented that way? This night is a powerful opportunity for that kind of insight, as well as initiating action in that direction. Read more

October 6, 2019

Monday is going to have a lot of truth seeking and revelation going on with three big events that draw focus to these areas of reality and relationship. Venus squares Pluto which will bring hidden financial and relationship issues to surface. Read more

October 4, 2019

When reading just about any 101 book out there we are presented with a list of gods and what they are known for. We are told to pick one and try them out, get to know them, and eventually one or several will stick. Sometimes this leads to working with gods of different pantheons or even obscure gods that might otherwise remain unknown if it weren’t for something you read in a book. But for the most part, it is through that period of trial and error (dating if you will) that the seeds of the deeper work are sewn. Read more

September 22, 2019

By Libra season’s end, Samhain is just a week and change away, and Libra season archetypally involves readying ourselves for that. We’re called to order our life so we can dive within. Read more

September 22, 2019

By Libra season’s end, Samhain is just a week and change away, and Libra season involves readying ourselves for that. We set our life in order so we can dive within. Read more

September 16, 2019

The area you do your readings in, and the state of your own energy can make a big difference, especially when you have a challenging reading to do. Getting your energy ready for a reading is a whole other topic, so today we’re going to focus on your physical space. Read more

September 13, 2019

As the date draws near I have also had many of my festival organizer friends share their horror stories, insights, and numbers with me; which has been helpful but also a bit petrifying. There are things I have learned about the festival world that I didn’t really know about, even being on staff at multiple events. Read more

September 9, 2019

While the rest of society will just be feeling energy surges and weird breakdowns thanks to the first Harvest Moon of the year, witches will be given the opportunity to tug at the strings of fate in a way we don’t normally get too. Read more

September 8, 2019

Virgo Season calls us to reflect: how set are we for our inner winter? If we need to course correct, now is the time. All signs fit with the rhythm of life like this. They are stages in the spiraling of creation. Read more

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