August 19, 2019

I cannot second Nathan Kitchen’s words enough! This was a very thought out post I was able to read on his facebook page and got permission to share here. Ed Smart represents thousands upon thousands of members of our church who have found no healthy space within our flock. Rather than only pay attention to news when we are gawking at a “celebrity” per se… we need to get to the work of making our spiritual home a home for… Read more

August 12, 2019

FLOURISH INTIMATELY  Natasha is hosting a FREE online workshop TOMORROW Tuesday, August 13th.   Click here to sign up A Few Workshop Details: I’ll be delivering this online. I’ll send the link on the day of the workshop. Be sure to click “Save Me a Seat”. Discover how those shame-filled messages taught to you as a youth are STILL affecting you to this day (your sexuality has probably suffered) Find out how inappropriate meaning ruts lead to self and partner… Read more

July 24, 2019

Messages we give about gender and sex have significant consequences. When we erase entire populations by not having them represented… by not giving them voice… by not allowing for them to be as front and center as any other population… we participate in bias and discrimination that directly affects everyone. This can happen within the context of gender, race, disability, ethnicity, mental health, etc. At church we currently have a misogyny problem. We are improving. And yet it is still… Read more

July 22, 2019

  Tragic and well compiled read by Mormon father who lost his son to suicide. The statistics and well studied “rejecting behaviors” that the Mormon church is continuing to teach and promote, is well thought through by Brian Bresee. This is why I often share my righteous anger and indignation by calling out top leaders of my church. This kind of teaching… which leads to in-group micromanagement and bullying has no place in any entity that would bear the name… Read more

July 19, 2019

Some notes I took during the recent AASECT conference I attended: I’m going to fail but I’m going to try to capture some of what Kate Bornstein presented on today in regards to gender construct. They said so much that struck profound. But this in particular spoke to me with the populations I tend to work with. “In most religious cannons, anything that helps with having fun and being creative with your gender and sexuality…. will land you in hell.” Sadly… Read more

July 17, 2019

Join me on a free online workshop: “Create a Life of Sexual Intimacy”  Super simple to claim your spot: It’ll be about healing from confusion, frustration, sex-negative messages and shame affecting you and your spouse. As a Marriage & Family Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist I’ve spent many years (over twenty years….) working with couples… And what I really love doing is helping couples move from a sexual space that depletes from positive marital energy to deeply meaningful (and… Read more

July 15, 2019

  I love Blaire Ostler and how she represents/advocates for herself and others. YES! It’s okay to be a bisexual Mormon. You can listen to a great interview Blaire gave at Mormon Sex Info: Episode 88: Personal Experiences as Bisexual Mormons.   Today’s guest post is written by Blaire Ostler. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.   Blaire Ostler is a philosopher and leading voice at the intersection of queer, Mormon, and transhumanist thought…. Read more

July 12, 2019

 Read more

July 10, 2019

This week I am sharing a blog written by Lisa Butterworth, a provider at Symmetry Solutions.   Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Butterworth.  Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.  Lisa Butterworth, LPC, NCC has a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Idaho State University and received two undergraduate degrees in Special Education and History from Utah State University.  Lisa has been passionate in working towards women’s issues for over… Read more

July 3, 2019

I need your help and feedback… In the coming months I am going to be shifting in the type of content I will be creating. I will be moving away from Sex Talk with Natasha so that I can more clearly focus on a very specific population/topic I want to help. Those that are coming from religiously conservative upbringings and recognize that sexual shame and misinformation is getting in the way of their marital intimacy. Before I sit down in… Read more

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