Epiphany to the Gentiles

Epiphany to the Gentiles January 6, 2021

Vice President Mike Pence and the members of Congress have been evacuated from the Capitol. A vast number of pro-Trump protesters forced their way into the building, screaming that he, not Biden, won the election. Capitol police were unable or perhaps unwilling to restrain them. (I say “perhaps unwilling” because this situation, unlike a Black Lives Matter protest or the President’s photo-op outside St. John’s last summer, apparently didn’t merit tear gas or rubber bullets.)

This is a travesty. This is a disgrace.

I’m so tired of being angry.

But apparently MAGA aren’t tired of it at all. And GOP leadership have been fanning the flames for the last four years. Hardly anyone, other than John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse, managed even the most lukewarm of disagreements with President Trump. He’s trampled on every standard of ethical conduct. He’s flagrantly violated the law, and the Republicans who controlled the Senate deliberately let him get away with it, refusing even to hear witnesses in his impeachment trial. The hypocrisy and corruption of this party have become a repulsive cartoon.

The lie that the GOP is the party for the unborn has become completely transparent. They’ve had forty years and six presidential administrations to protect the unborn, and rarely if ever done anything of substance. The point of their posturing is to control the votes of evangelicals and Catholics. They will use any means that seems effective—including fomenting a paranoid and violent cult centered on the person of a boorish, tyrannical president they all said they didn’t want.

And please don’t get me wrong: I have little but contempt for the Democratic Party. They are, at best, spineless blowhards. But you know what we didn’t see from either the party or their base when Trump was elected? People denying reality. Sure, there were a lot of obnoxious, often childish “not my president” tweets, a lot of people howling about Russian meddling far in advance of the evidence, and so on. What there weren’t, were people storming the Capitol to overturn the election results. Both sides are bad, yes, but one is worse. I don’t know if I can still believe that a person of good will can look at the trash fire that is the Republican party today, and say, “I’m on their side.”

Christians have no nationality, no race, no flag, no party. We owe our final loyalty to no one and nothing except God himself. We must recover that reality in this country. If not, both the country and its parody of Christianity will shrivel and die, and the world will be better off for it.

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