Ask Your Doctor About ‘Islamophobin’!

Ask Your Doctor About ‘Islamophobin’! May 25, 2016
Photo courtesy of CAIR
Photo courtesy of CAIR

Do you suffer from fear of Muslims? Bigotry? Worse? This new drug might be the answer to restore your humanity! According to the literature:

ISLAMOPHOBIN® is a multi-symptom relief for chronic Islamophobia.

The maximum strength formula treats:

bullet Blind Intolerance

bullet Unthinking Bigotry

bullet Irrational Fear of Muslims

bullet U.S. Presidential Election Year Scapegoating


Side effects include loss of Islamophobia and bigotry, development of ability to think rationally, and allowing you to see people for who they really are. Call your doctor if your Islamophobia worsens or Islamophobic feelings return.


Those who already believe in religious diversity, tolerance and mutual understanding should not use this product. For those who hold bigoted stereotypes of Muslims and subscribe to Islamophobic conspiracy theories, use of this product may result in feelings of remorse and/or guilt.

Ask your doctor if “Islamophobin” is right for you!

Are you still with me? Obviously this is a satirical push back against rising Islamophobia, packaged in a clever social media campaign developed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to its press release:

In its new social media campaign, CAIR is distributing “ISLAMOPHOBIN®,” a mock-medicine designed to “cure” Islamophobia and includes a television commercial for the product. (NOTE: ISLAMOPHOBIN is actually sugar-free-chewing gum.)

ISLAMOPHOBIN is available for purchase at

Sure, it’s silly. And maybe it won’t change anyone’s mind. But there is something to be said for tackling hate with humor. Sometimes we have to make ourselves laugh. It’s better than crying or frustration.

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