What’s This About?

What’s This About? August 4, 2010

The other day we were watching ‘This Old House’ wherein they have a segment in which they try to guess what a crazy looking tool thing is used for and why. That got me thinking about all the new stuff that entered my life after meeting Khaled, marrying Khaled, and shopping in Middle Eastern shops and learning how to cook Egyptian foods. Today, I give you this! What do you think it’s used for and why?

If you have something you want to share, send me a picture and I’ll post it.

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  • Sam

    hmmm flavoring for ice cream!

  • Actually, it’s an artificial vanilla flavoring that is used in cooking and baking. Because most liquid extracts are made by using some form of alcohol, and alcohol is forbidden in Islam, there had to be another less expensive alternative to scraping the vanilla bean from the pod. This powder is highly concentrated, so just a tiny bit goes a long way. If you overdo it, you will end up with the a chemical taste in your food.

    Thanks for participating!