My Response to “Your Religion is an Accident”

My Response to “Your Religion is an Accident” June 3, 2011

“Whatever happened to saying the shahada and then being a Muslim on your own terms?”


I wandered into the blog Cairo, Lusaka, Amsterdam this afternoon while eating my lunch and read this provoking post on religion and how being born in a different country gives you a different perspective on any given religion.  That one sentence tweaked me just right and I had to comment.  *grin*  Below is my response.

AMEN!  Raise the bar, challenge the naysayers and make your own way.  It’s completely different to live in a country where you are surrounded by people who share your religion, pray exactly the same way you do and continue to practice that religion the same way their parents and generations of people all over the country did for thousands of years. 

American Muslims have the gift of choice and the room to explore.  Crafting our own version, our own recipe for the best life full of belief, spirituality and peace that fits our journey.  Often times it is more challenging to make your own path, you make mistakes, you learn and you grow, but in the end it is your journey with God.

I may have more to say after this cooks around in my brain a bit, but for now I have to let this post go and get ready to go to work.  Jummah Mubarak!


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