“You have a marvelous Virgin” – Hillary Clinton

“You have a marvelous Virgin” – Hillary Clinton January 12, 2016


By Stephen Ryan

“You have a marvelous Virgin.” Hillary Clinton

As of this writing, as far as I know, Bill Clinton has avoided “Bimbo Eruptions” involving virgins of any kind. This cannot be said, however, about Hillary Clinton and her uncomfortable encounter with one of the world’s most famous Virgins.

Her episode with the well known Virgin happened a few years ago when she was the Secretary of State.  The incident seems worth revisiting to remind people that she is not as smart as she would like us all to think she is.

In fact, Hillary can be downright Sara Palinesq when she finds herself  off script.

The incident took place in Mexico at the great Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and I am willing to bet that inside those holy confines, one of the most bizarre conversations in State Department history took place.

Inside the church and standing before the famous Mexican icon known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hillary Clinton, after admiring the “painting” for a moment, asked the rector, Msgr. Diego Monroy, “Who painted it?”.   The astonished Director paused for a moment, wondering if Hillary was joking. The priest then answered Ms. Clinton:  “God of course! – God painted Our Lady of Guadalupe.” For those who do not know the story, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was miraculously imprinted by Mary on the tilma, or cloak, of St. Juan Diego in 1531.  I am not aware if video exists of Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Msgr Diego Monroy’s answer, but I bet it would be sublime.

Then it gets worse.  After  leaving the church, clearly oblivious to her blunder,  Hillary Clinton – almost moronically,  offered up her own insulting sentiments about the famous icon by cheerfully saying to the Mexican people “You have a marvelous virgin”.  It’s as if she were congratulating cannibals for their good taste in food.

Is it an issue that Hillary Clinton was totally unaware of  the significance of an incredibly important cultural icon? It is to me. The fact that her staff did not prepare her seems important and the fact that Hillary Clinton had so little respect for the Catholic icon speaks volumes about her well known arrogance.

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