Five for Friday

Five for Friday August 31, 2012

Another great week! In between college football games, check out these five links to articles guaranteed to make you think a little bit . . .

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom – to all the stay-at-home moms out there (including my wife), this article is for you.

Be Bold, Go Out and Chase Your Dreams – challenging post based off of Diana Nyad’s failed attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Christians Victims of Rising Hostility – do you think Christians are getting picked on for their faith? You’re not alone.

Woman Hailed for Saving 30 Babies From Trash in China – great follow up from The Conversation Wednesday night. Ladies like this are my heroes.

The Cost of Church Revitalization – If you’ve been a part of Mt Vernon for more than a few years, then you’d appreciate this article.

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  • James S.

    Great article about the growing anti-religious trend in America. It’s unfortunate that many believe “freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion” are synonymous, including those judges who are in a position to stop much of the nonsense.