Labor Day Special

Labor Day Special September 3, 2012

According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day is “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” First started in New York in 1882, this national observance quickly swept the nation and became the beloved holiday that we know and love.

At its core, Labor Day celebrates the work ethic that has made America what it is today. The same work ethic that founded this nation and carved civilization out of the wilderness is the same work ethic that came together and stepped in at a moment of global need and won World War II.

If you’re not a student of history, you might make the mistaken assumption that America has always been great. Perhaps our world trajectory has always put us ahead of the world nations. Not so. Make no mistake: America go to where we are today because of certain advantages (geography, natural resources, leadership), but just as importantly, because of the hard work of it citizens. Many people and nations have advantages, but not all take advantage of them. That comes down to hard work. And that’s definitely something to celebrate on Labor Day.

In many aspects, marriage is the same way. Some marriages might start with certain advantages (bigger checking account, lack of personal baggage), but it still takes incredibly hard work. You might look around at the successful marriages around you and mistakenly assume that those marriages were always that successful. Not so. A successful marriage is achieved the same way that anything else valuable in life is: hard work.

Americans sacrificed many things so that succeeding generations could enjoy the prosperous life we live today. Their sacrifice achieved an outcome greater than they could possibly imagine.

Do you want an awesome marriage? Never forget, it takes hard work, lots of it. It will take sacrifice, but the end result will be one greater than you could possibly imagine. You’ll have the marriage you always wanted, plus an incredible legacy to pass down to your kids.

Today’s Labor Day, so remember to work hard at your marriage. Since it’s a holiday, you’ll be spending some quality time with your spouse. Make the most of it.

QUESTION: What’s the part of marriage that you have to work at the hardest?



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