Rumors: Jill Duggar Dillard Pregnancy?

Rumors: Jill Duggar Dillard Pregnancy? December 19, 2016

TabloidNewsThe last couple of days many of the usual gossip sites online have been filled with speculation that El Salvadorian missionary couple Derick and Jill Dillard are having a second baby. Apparently since shortly before Thanksgiving every photo of Jill going up on the official family social media accounts shows Jill wearing a looser shirt. Fans are insisting that she is expecting again and the announcement is being saved for season three of the Duggar television show ‘Counting On’.

According to viewers Derick Dillard told Jill on the show that they should try for another baby before 2016 ends. Sounds like deliberate viewer manipulation rather than ‘trusting the Lord’ with family size, that hoary family chestnut always trotted out when asked about birth control.

Here’s hoping that Jill has been tested for the Zika virus before deciding to enlarge their family.

One interesting issue with Derick and Jill that the show and family has not addressed is the fact that when the couple came back this last time from El Salvador that they said they were only taking a short break and would be going back. That was how many months ago without any mention of returning to El Salvador? They are still raising money for their mission trips through their website too.

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  • Robin Warchol

    This whole thing shows what frauds these people have become. They have no qualifications to go and do mission work of any sort (sorry but short term visiting trips do not count for adequate training). They spend more time flying back for family things. I have no idea what Derick has been trained in or can even do for employment. She is obviously traumatized by living there. I have no idea whose bright idea is it to send two untrained and unprepared newly married couple off to do “foreign missions”. I thought I read somewhere that one of the comments Derick had coming home is that El Salvador is engulfed in spiritual darkness which is probably he way of covering up that this whole thing was a big flop and they didn’t end up saving anyone. So now he is doing odd jobs while she tries to hide her pregnancy so Jessa can have the glory in having a second baby. This whole thing is so sick and almost laughable if is wasn’t so tragic. ATI is an educational fraud. All the Duggars have done is raised immature and uneducated idiots that try and dig up things to do to keep on TV.

  • SAO

    I always thought Jill was one of the more sincere about her faith. That faith was in the church of Jim-Bob and he probably said being on TV was a sort of mission to America. I would imagine the reality of El Salvador, the poverty and the reality of births that need more midwifing skills than Jill’s mail order degree gave her was scary. Not to mention a possible real threat of violence.

    But even in the best of times going to a Catholic country, full of churches established centuries ago and saying God is going to send you all to hell for worshipping him the wrong way is a hard sell. After a life absorbing the lies of the CPM, I expect reality is harsh.

  • Robin Warchol

    Yes, I feel very sorry the all the Duggar girls. I’m not sure where Jim-Bob coughed up this joke for Jill. I’m not sure if you ever looked at the ATI material, big a big part of it was to study “heroes of the faith” and most of them were missionaries like the Elliots and others. Being raised on these stories of the “brave” missionaries coupled with an unrealistic short term trips Jim-Bob sent his kids on is a set-up for disaster and failure which is the reality in this situation. There are reasons why the Eilliots studied first, before going away. There are reasons behind requirements many Churches have for their missionaries which these two simply bypassed out of stupidity.

  • Robin Warchol

    Yes, going out to save all those clueless, lost Catholics. Nice try Jim-Bob.

  • SAO

    1.3 Billion on this planet, vs how many in the Church of Jim-Bob and Gothard? A few thousand? Ten thousand, at a stretch? And God is going to save them, not the 1.2 Billion?

  • SAO

    What kind of “study” is going to make arguing with other Christians over matters of doctrine worthwhile? Even if Jill was a competent midwife and Derrick a great doctor, what do they have to offer spiritually? Why would God favor a small cult in Arkansas over the church He supposedly founded with the help of one of Jesus’ apostles? Even if you don’t give a damn about the doctrine and think the Catholic church is a bunch of pedophiles, it has over a billion members. You’d think if there was a God, he wouldn’t abandon that many faithful worshippers.

  • Robin Warchol

    I’m not sure if it is even a thousand left. IBLP moved their headquarters to Texas from Chicago and due to the Bill Gothard scandal, they have lost a lot of people.

  • Robin Warchol

    I’m Catholic so i agree a million percent. It get tiresome that these do-gooders want to go to Catholic and Orthodox countries to “save” faithful Christians.

  • Nea

    It’s so that they can martyrbate about saving souls without having their own core beliefs seriously challenged by non-conservative non-Christians.

  • SAO

    They were never going to have their core beliefs challenged by a bunch of ignorant nonwhite, non-American, non-English-speaking peasants (their view, not mine). But starting with Christians makes it a lot easier. Look at how many Americans switch churches.

    The only trick is to say those Catholics were unsaved. It takes quite a bit of ego to do that.