Lori Alexander Enjoys Trotting Out All the Anti-Feminist Tropes and Racists?

Lori Alexander Enjoys Trotting Out All the Anti-Feminist Tropes and Racists? November 1, 2017

Lori Alexanders BrainWhat do you consider the characteristics of a ‘Feminine Woman’? Does the very idea conjure up attributes of the old fashioned descriptors of a lady, hair perfect in ruffles or lace? Is it even important to be feminine in our modern age? Would that not be a personal choice that a woman makes for herself?

A few days ago Quiverfull Evangelical blogger Lori Alexander of the website The Transformed Wife published an article titled ‘What is a Feminine Woman?’ written by Henry Makow, and it proceeded to list all the things she hates the most, all of which are feminist straw men that she loves to bash.

According to Makow the qualities that a truly feminine woman possesses are:

  • Lives to take care of her family
  • Depends 100% on her husband
  • Subservient and submitted to her husband
  • Modest and does not flaunt her sexuality to get attention from men
  • Lives to please her husband
  • Virgins before marriage because who wants a used car. Yes, he compared women to new and used cars! Not quite the pre-licked candy bar analogy used by Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy but close enough.
  • Gives love
  • Believes in her man
  • Exhibits grace, beauty and wisdom

Silly me, I thought only that last one was a true mark of femininity. No mention of being soft-spoken, gracious, and dressing a certain way. For me thinking about truly feminine women conjures up images that aren’t mentioned on Makow’s list. His list for what he decries as ugly feminism is much longer and involves things like exhausting careers require male qualities and rob women of their femininity.

What is curious about Ms. Alexander publishing this article are two things.

  1. She states that she has no idea if Henry Makow is Christian or not, but if you stroll around his website it seems very unlikely that he is. His website is filled with Red Pill paranoia, Men’s Rights, ravings about the Illuminati, and for bonus points he keeps referencing the New World Order. The closest indication of Makow’s faith is his book and articles decrying Zionism, claiming that Jews are responsible for the anti Semitism in the world. He describes Judaism as a ‘Cancer’. There have been human rights violations filed against him by different organizations and he has been cited by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate-mongerer. He was described on one hate watch website as ‘is what you get when you cross a men’s rights activist with a paranoid conspiracy theorist.‘ His writings have been published at Alex Jones website as well.  Lori has to reach out so far as to quote a guy who would have fit in well with the tiki torch wielding dude-bros marching in Charlottesville, Virginia reflects very poorly on her wisdom, the same wisdom that she claims is a feminine trait. Either she’s openly lying about knowing nothing about Makow, or she didn’t bother to even read the list on the sidebar of his website. Google is your friend, Lori Use it!
  2. She claims that she had to edit him slightly for her website, but if you look at the same article on the original writer’s blog you will see she edited him rather significantly, removing entire sections with references to Karl Marx, communism, eugenics, homosexuality and his personal boogieman under the bed feminism. If you are forced to cite a deplorable person to shore up your assertions you’ve already invalidated your point.

A little research would have told her that this is one of those bad hombres she should not be quoting to make a point about she believes all women must be stay at home mothers and committed submissive wives.

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