What is New at NLQ – Changes

What is New at NLQ – Changes November 6, 2017
2017's theme seems to be change, change and inappropriate hotel mascots.
2017’s theme seems to be change, change and inappropriate hotel mascots.

One thing is sure, the very nature of life is change. It is the only thing you are guaranteed in this lifetime. On that note I just wanted to let you know that we’re in the middle of big changes here at NLQ.

There have been no new postings for a few days because I am one of those folks that has to sit and think about how to handle big changes, work out the logistics in my mind before I implement anything new.

Over the course of NLQ through the years there have been a lot of changes. Vyckie Garrison and her close friend Laura started a blog on one of the popular free blogging platforms to share their histories in the Evangelical Church Quiverfull movement before the site turned into a place for other escapees to share their experiences. From private blog to group blog into a community blog and then a move to Patheos.

Since the move to Patheos how we do things and features here have changed to meet the challenges of a changing readership and updated technologies. Whenever Google or Facebook change their algorithm we usually end up having to make  changes here as well, which is happening right now.

Due to a recent change in Google we are having to discontinue our Quoting Quiverfull, Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ and Questioning the Pearls. But that is not going to stop discussion of the issues and poisonous quotes coming out of those ministries. The articles for those discussions will just be a little different than now, more along the lines of what you see at Patheos author The Friendly Atheist. If you haven’t had a read before at TFA  you should check him out. He’s good writer and a pretty awesome person.

There will be some changes for the writers affiliated with NLQ’s Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network. I can no longer take posts that have already been published at your blog first. In order to be linked to and published at NLQ I need to have first crack at publishing what you’ve written, with you publishing at a later date on your blog. You can send me any questions or concerns to suzanne(dot)calulu(at)gmail(dot)com.

We will be continuing to publish the rest of series here that we’ve not finished and book reviews. I honestly do not know what the publishing schedule is going to look like in its final form. For now I’m going to try to stick to the one we have now.

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