Dating is a Drug?

Dating is a Drug? October 1, 2018

Yes, Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is pushing courting as opposed to dating, and as such is pushing his ridiculous ideas as the gospel truth.  Creepy Von Ohlman hasn’t popped up in the comments yet, but you know he will since Larry is talking about young folks wanting to have sex. He is claiming that dating is a drug.

Larry has no less than three pieces up in the last few days involving courtship. I’m only looking at the latest one. I’m definitely not looking at his piece where he claims that sexual assault allegations are wickedly cooked up by lying women. He purposely smeared Dr. Ford. Ugh.

See here’s the thing. This courtship model is a very recent development in Quiverfull Christianity, maybe twenty or thirty years old. This is not how people traditionally picked marriage partners in the past, that is if they even got a say in it. Many times in “courtship” it was rich families or royal families picking the spouses for their children, giving them some small amount of time to get to know each other and calling it courtship. For middle class, working class and the poor it was more you married the boy down the lane you knew all your life, or the guy your father worked with, and you have much more say so or choice.

You know I dated back in the Mesazoic Era and I don’t remember it that way. I remember dating a wide variety of guys. Sometimes you would know on that first date that it was a wash, there was no chemistry or commonality between you. Many times you’d go out a few times and call it quits because of whatever reason. Or you’d date someone a long time happily, no drug like rush involved. No bed hopping, no crazy dopamine rushes all the time, just finding your way through interactions with the opposite sex, a useful skill to develop.

You might keep them out of the bedroom, but from what I have observed if young people are determined to have sex they will find a way. But you’re also giving them zero practice in how to navigate a world filled with the opposite sex, setting them up for failure and social awkwardness. Half the population is the opposite sex and having no idea how to deal with them is seriously crippling your kids future.

People really need to learn to find their own way, discover what is acceptable or unacceptable for them personally in relationships, not have daddy spoon fed them who he thinks they should marry.

What Larry and Von are pushing is strictly about control, controlling their children more so than preventing fornication. It’s all about their power. Power and control.

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