Jim Bob Duggar’s Meglomania and Josh Duggar’s Legal Woes

Jim Bob Duggar’s Meglomania and Josh Duggar’s Legal Woes April 10, 2020

Here we are. Good Friday, and the rain sure does fall on the righteous and unrighteous. I’ve been wanting to talk about Jessa Duggar Seewald’s video she did praising her father. Seems fitting on the day winding up from when Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss to be talking about the unHoly meglomaniac that it seems might be the true Jim Bob Duggar.

In the wake of Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball talking to Derick Dillard many media outlets have picked up on the story of control, contracts, and the outrageous behavior of family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar. It’s been in even the UK newspapers, only the U.S. mainstream media seems determined to ignore it. Loved how one gossip site put it this way “Did He Really Embezzle Millions From His Own Kids?”

Not embezzling if it’s him getting cheddar from The Learning Channel, and no one else is under contract. We’re covered before how that contract was likely set up, and Arkansas lax laws about things like the Coogan Law.

It’s par for that particular course that is TLC, the exploiter of the freakish and the underaged for sweet, sweet moolah. They use used, exploited and abused the Duggar kids through the years for money. Too bad the Bible doesn’t say anything about mammon and the love of it. /sarcasm. Praise the Lord and oh lawdy pass that TLC check.

I have to give Katie credit. She’s come out with some rather wild tales of Duggar daring do from locals. Tales of Jim Bob taking advantage of the local dump so often that they finally broke down and banner him. I learned that the Duggar house, that tin mansion funded and built largely by TLC is directly right across the street, within sight and smell of that same dump.

This speaks to the completely tightwad over the top penny pinching nature of Jim Bob too. Land near a dump is usually dirt cheap. Jim Bob had been wending a war of words against the dump and trying to palm off construction trash as household trash for some time now, even as he has a huge dumpster at his house that he could be putting all that construction junk into from his house flipping business. Instead we have this grifting for a penny lying, leading to the dump ban.

So earlier in the week Jim Bob’s married daughter Jessa Duggar Seewald did a video in praise of Jim Bob. People who are much more familiar with Jessa say that she usually has a small handwritten list she refers to in these videos, hand written grocery lists, etc, that they see routinely. She had in this video a four page typed and printed out list.

Critics are claiming that the four page document had to be straight from that Mussolini of Arkansas Fundytown Jim Bob Duggar, and the entire video was a disingenuous attempt by Jim Bob to refute all the allegations of control, contracts and money that Derick has been spewing about Jim Bob. It sure looks like it from here at least.

Quite obvious spin ordered by Jim Bob. Jessa and Ben do not work, and their income source is suspect. Likely they are funded by that contract they never signed. Interestingly enough on social media it was all the other Duggars who are supported by the Duggar family and not real jobs immediately liked and commented on it. The leader is good, the leader is great nonsense.

I laughed when I read this summation of the video on a Facebook group. This viewer hit the nail on the swollen egoist head. This was written by a moderator at That’s Enough Pink Drink For Today, a pretty funny Facebook group filled with awesome ladies that usually concerns themselves with the complete lunacy and narcissism that is Jill Rodrigues.

He read the bible each night and left them on a cliffhanger.

He told stories about his childhood.

He made the family pray for people at their church.

From the time you were three or four you were taught to pray for family members.
“It’s a true blessing from the lord that he gave me parents that care so much about my soul”.

When they were going through aomething hard her dad her told to just trust god.

Their dad didnt let them go to children’s church because he wanted to know what they were learning. Controlling much?

She really tries to stress the point that her parents love their kids “unconditionally even when we don’t see eye to eye, they just want to see that we love and are obeying the lord”.

“God’s way of doing things is often opposite of our natural inclinations”.

They went to silver dollar city. It was fun. So much fun. It was very fun. did I mention they had fun? Because it was fun. They packed cucumber in vinegar water, tomatoes and cheese sticks. Yum.

One time Jim Bob bought all of the kids over seven a jawbreaker! a few of the kids ate theirs for months. Cause that’s sanitary.

They went to Ohio to see Michelle’s family every few years. And once they rode a ferry.

She alludes to the fact that they didn’t start going on international mission trips until the show money started coming in.

He went to a mens conference and learned not to be angry.

On a child’s birthday Jim Bob and Michelle would take that child to lunch. Jim bob got upset that at Jana and JD’s 12th birthday they got a fancy pineapple drink and they were $7 each.

They got to ride their bikes to church.

She knows how to change her oil. And she used to take things apart.

Jim Bob hoards broken refrigerators and other junk in the warehouse.

When they were building the big house Jim Bob bought a restaurant kitchen including a large deep fryer. Michelle said she didn’t want it. Jim Bob installed it anyway. A few years later Jessa and Jana were rearranging the kitchen and wanted to get rid of the fryer to put useful storage there instead. Jim Bob said no because it’s like women wearing high heels. And there it still sits.

He taught her how to organize the pantry.

Trash is always blowing into the yard from trash trucks driving by.

Her parents taught her to drive.

God sees the big picture when you don’t.

Her dad used the kids to canvas the neighborhood when he was running for office.

Living in little rock when Josie was born was “fun” and she has “fond memories of that time”.

Be sweet. Apologize quickly and be your siblings bestfriend.

Jim bob told the kids from a young age that their mom is a virtuous woman from proverbs 31.

After the little kids went to bed JB and Michelle would talk to the older kids.

When they woke up at night from a bad dream they would have them pray about it.

He once hid from his kids for 45 minutes.

He used to roll his socks in a ball and throw them at people.

He used to unclog the toilet and one of the kids who was potty training had flushed their underwear because they “wanted to get rid of the evidence”.

They only went out to eat if it was kids eat free.

If they got fast food the order was always the same. ten burgers, ten chicken sandwiches and ten orders of fries. (That’s actually not a bad plan).

The Bates were in town once and all of the kids got a 24 hour stomach bug and Jim Bob and Gil bought Tylenol.

She tells the barbeque tuna story and says it was one of the better things he fed them. He once divided up one can corn, one can green beans, and one can butter beans for the kids to eat and gave them ketchup to dip it in.

Jim Bob bought a horse trough for the kids to use as a swimming pool.

She’s thankful her dad closely controlled what influences they were allowed to be exposed to.

If there was no dinner you didn’t care just eat cold soup right out of the can.

She’s seen him cry over strained relationships.

More bible shit.

Then Pickles of the Facebook group Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and Hairspray tried to jump into the fray. Ms. Pickles started ranting and crying about Without a Crystal Ball’s interview with Derick, claiming falsely that nothing new was revealed. Hello, what about that talk of the contract? That’s new and there were other things that everyone thought might be, but had no proof of.

Pickles the Cowardly Cucumber is merely jealous that Derick did not confide in her.  Notice that Pickles,  and her casual racism, has used the sobriquet “Pickles 4 Truth” while acting as another Duggar mouthpiece.  Not much real there, much less truthful.

Oh, and the judicial system appeals court shot down just the other day all but one of  Josh’s attempt to sue over the release of his police report over the molestation.

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