Is Jim Bob Duggar and His ‘Ministry’ Approaching the End?

Is Jim Bob Duggar and His ‘Ministry’ Approaching the End? May 2, 2020

Interesting times in Duggar doings since son in law Derick Dillard started to reveal the doings of the man behind the curtain, family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar. He really is like the Great and Powerful Oz being revealed to be a tiny old nerdy guy foolishly fumbling with knobs and levers behind the scenes.

Derick has started to speak out, to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball and others about what he and his wife Jill Duggar Dillard have endured at the hands of a very controlling man. He alleges that Jim Bob pays none of the adult children a portion of the reality show monies. Jim Bob does dole out houses and allowances for those who toe the party line. Your behavior as dictated by Jim Bob is the sole determining factor for if he decides to give you money.

We’re spoken here before about the reality show contract Jim Bob signed with The Learning Channel. How it was likely structured to avoid that pesky Arkansas labor law on child entertainers even if Arkansas has no Coogan law governing the money.  Shame on both TLC and Jim Bob for exploiting helpless children. If they forced “Honey Boo Boo” June Shannon into setting up Coogan accounts for her children why not Jim Bob?

Several articles appeared in the last few days on the Duggars, and Jim Bob’s looming likely legal fight with son in law Derick. Those tricky gossipers, ‘unnamed Duggar insiders’ are claiming that Derick is for sure about to write that book. I’m not so sure, it seems more like the popping off in frustration of a guy sick to death of it all. I hope he does, but I’m not counting on it. He is in law school right now, a busy study program. But he does have the free time during this COVID 19 stay at home order.

“He’s definitely gonna do his book, and when he does his book, Jim Bob is done. He is done” our source claims.

This ‘insider’ went on to say that Jim Bob is lining up his crack legal team (in Arkansas?) to legally stop this from happening. The ‘insider’ claims that Derick’s allegations will be enough to crack Jim Bob’s shaky patriarchal house of cards.

“Not surprisingly, it seems that Jim Bob has a stellar legal team in his corner and is willing to do whatever it takes to either silence Derick or make him regret speaking out.

“He’s already got four or five big lawyers — I mean big lawyers — who have done a lot of research as far as the contracts from TLC go,” says the insider.”

Revenge, always the most ridiculous place to go if you claim you follow a dude that ordered his followers to forgive seven times seventy.

I am not sure how legally enforceable that TLC contract could be over legal adults who did not sign it. Or over Derick who says he never signed anything, not even a standard non disclosure agreement.

You can see that there is some truth in what this article is alleging considering recently daughter Jessa Duggar Seewald did several videos on YouTube praising her parents, reading directly from typed out notes that were likely Jim Bob Duggar talking points. Blink twice Jessa if you need to be rescued from what surely resembled a hostage tape.

It was a manipulative attempt to paint himself and wife Michelle Duggar in the best possible light in the wake of Derick’s words in public. Most everyone with three brain cells rubbing together was able to see the video series for what it was, a hastily cobbled together  attempt at saving face, and painting Derick as a liar.

I do love hearing this considering the crazy tightwad schemes, squishy things and attempts to scam and manipulate we’ve all seen Jim Bob do through the years. Right down to being banned from the dump because he cannot abide by the rules.

“Our insider confirms that this is one of many unethical business practices in which Jim Bob routinely engages.”

This week also saw the Duggar family, Jessa, Jim Bob and Michelle all take place in the social distancing video version of IBLP ATI’s annual Big Sandy conference. Lots of very squirmy things came out of the mouths of all three, surprising and awful things. Apparently the parents still control the cell phone usage of the married adult kids. They said a lot of truly awful things about thought policing, modesty, sibling modesty and too many things that turn my stomach to list here.

Sitting right in front of that grand piano they scammed out of Campbell’s Soup Company. More on the conference from someone with a stronger constitution than I. The organization they are speaking at is the same one that glossed over son Josh’s sexual abuse of his sisters, and was headed by a sexual predator himself – Bill Gothard.

Derick has spoken about Jill and he being in therapy to recover from the pain and ill treatment doled out by Jim Bob Duggar. May their healing come swiftly and fully. No father has a right to treat his children in such a way to harm them like this. This is spiritual abuse writ large.

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