Baby Witches?

Baby Witches? July 22, 2020

In this video I wonder about the implications of the use of the term “baby witch” to describe beginners. Maybe you’ve already been hearing this term, and if not, it’s all over many social media platforms (especially TikTok).

Some takeaways, if videos aren’t your cup of tea:

“Baby” can be a term of endearment, and I think people should be allowed to call themselves whatever they want, but we often use “baby witch” when we’re trying to be disparaging. It’s also important to remind beginners that they still have agency. Calling them “baby” seems to me to strip them of that. You might be new to witchcraft, but you’re not new to thinking, reading, being critical, or making your own decisions. “Baby” also implies that the power lies in other people, who need to take care of us. It’s worth being careful that we aren’t treating beginners like they’re not also thinking people with valuable life experience, whether or not they’re new to witchcraft. So use “baby witch” to describe yourself if you like it, but perhaps more established practitioners should think twice about applying it to others, especially if they mean it as an insult.

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