October 30, 2020

I loved it. Here's why! Read more

August 23, 2020

When a person writes books, travels to speak at festivals, blogs on a major platform, or has a substantial social media following, we often assume that that's what they do for a living, especially in magical communities. But lots of us have day jobs, and that's fine! It doesn't make anyone less of a witch. Read more

July 30, 2020

What do we do when our heroes disappoint us? Who should we be looking to for validation and support? Read more

July 22, 2020

"Baby" can be a term of endearment, and I think people should be allowed to call themselves whatever they want, but we often use "baby witch" when we're trying to be disparaging. It's also important to remind beginners that they still have agency. Read more

May 23, 2020

If witchcraft is a craft (in addition to being a religion, as it is for many of us), then what exactly is the "craft"? And how often do we have to be engaging in that craft in order to really be witches? For a lot of people--both witches and non-witches--we immediately think of spells. Witches do spells! Of course they do, we think. But what exactly are spells? And how many do you have to do before you know you're a witch? Read more

February 15, 2020

We’re lucky today, because there are so many exciting new books coming out all the time. It can often be difficult to choose (and if you don’t have to choose, please read them all)! Here are my picks from the last two years. Read more

February 11, 2020

Books don’t make people authorities by themselves. They are often good indicators, but we are living in a time where practically anyone with time, money, and influence can publish. We all still need to be using our best judgment when we approach text. Read more

January 24, 2020

A long outer court is a good thing. A precious thing, for both you and the student. For the covenleader, an outer court solves a lot of potential problems and actually makes life easier in the long-run. Here’s why. Read more

January 19, 2020

We’re living in a time when creating and sharing our ideas and our art is easier than ever before. It’s exciting to see so many new voices all the time, and to be able to find communities of like minds to encourage and challenge us. But even when things are good, there are still tough things to confront and wrestle with, imposter syndrome and envy being two of the biggest. Read more

January 12, 2020

Memoir-lovers will appreciate Garcia’s adventures in Europe, in the nineties counterculture, and her triumph over abuse and suffering. This is not a how-to, so folks looking for instructions should go elsewhere. Read more

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