The Inner Voice of God and The Gravitational Pull Of Humility

The Inner Voice of God and The Gravitational Pull Of Humility October 31, 2019

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A Overly-Healthy Serving of Humble Pie

I will reinforce it ever more; humility can never be emphasized, advocated or preached enough. Seriously, go as far as to be a glutton for humility.

Why I am saying this; because when you learn, you should be honest enough to share your wisdom and serve others.

The last 2 years of my professional life have been painfully disappointing; marked by bad examples of leadership and management, incomplete, haphazard training and negligence, hypocrisy, flaky, insincere characters and a hair-raising lack of transparency in terms of professional objectives.

It’s really stunk on an epic level, I must be truthful and it has nearly crippled me into mediocrity.

At the same time, the best part of crashing if you decide to learn something from the experience, is the wisdom and humility you gain when you decide to pick yourself up and not complain and whine about your bruises but in fact, use them as tools for healing and growth.

When God Allows us to be Stubborn for Own Good

Romans 1:16-17 says: “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel: It is the power of God for salvation to every one who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for faith; as it is written, “he who through faith is righteous shall live.””  That is certainly a mouthful let’s be honest; but the message is clear; the gospel, the word of God is salvation for all those who believe; and there we likewise find the basis of righteousness and Godly living and being. The gospel is a signpost for God’s grace if we choose to accept it as fundamentally true.

I also believe that the more faith we have in the word, the more we come to know via the power and miraculous work of the holy spirit, the nature and power of righteousness-instinctively and intuitively. Perhaps, we can call it our conscience; the inner voice of God that speaks to you in some shape or form and guides you towards morally apt decisions.

It calls for the humility to realize and accept that we are not self sufficient and should with fervent submissiveness, lean on the guidance of the holy spirit to discover what is best for us from God’s perspective above all.

Here is something to chew on; ever find yourself in a situation, be it personal, professional, socially etc… where you know something is wrong; where you are being asked to do too much/ more than what you really know is possible and therefore, feel overwhelmed and are convinced you should be asking for help?

Have you ever felt like you are surrounded by people who are judgmental or disingenuous and/or don’t really have the best intentions with respect to your well-being and may even criticize you (often behind your back) for showing vulnerability?

And moreover, not only do you know something is off, you manage to convince yourself that it is you who is in fact nuts, lazy, lacking ability, disillusioned, paranoid, negative or judgmental in thinking this way although you can’t shake a sick sense of crappiness off?

That’s your conscience telling you to have enough humility to listen to the holy spirit; it is relating to you on an emotional and spiritual level; using your discomfort, fear, anxiety and pain, your life experience as a messenger, counselor and wise teacher; God is trying to disclose a very important message, warning, piece of advice to you: Trust this gut feeling and act right now. What you sense, think and believe is in fact true, or mostly true: YOU NEED TO TRUST YOURSELF; YOU NEED TO TRUST GOD-PRONTO!

Humility is a complex state of affairs where being “humbled” or brought down to earth is illustrated often dramatically, through our own free will and independent thinking and thus, when we choose not listen to God’s inner voice; when God permits us to be stubborn so that hardship makes a swift and conspicuous cameo in order to slap us back into place; to give us something to chew on and learn; when God shows us tough love and pushes or launches us back into the right direction.

The Learning curve and the Upside

In my particular case, not listening to the voice, that nagging sense of urgency to speak my mind and blow the whistle on poor leadership and management, led to a rather bad emotional breakdown and a job change.

On the upside (puns intended), I came away from the situation after seeking professional help and investing in lots of Jesus time, meditation and after likewise receiving support and advice from family and close friends, a much wiser man with an ever deepened appreciation for godly humility.

Never, ever again will I dismiss the red flags, smoke signals, warning signs and symbols that God presents to me in the here and now and on an emotional and spiritual level.

Never again will I doubt the power, keenness and sagacity of my conscience and more importantly, the holy spirit.

Never again will I allow myself to make distrust take so much space in my mind and heart and block the work, reach and presence of God’s mercy, care and righteousness.

Never again will I allow low self esteem and a lack of respect for myself and God to take a hold on me and manipulate me to the point where I lose faith in my own convictions and beliefs; especially when I feel and know on a deep seated level, that I am right in what I am feeling and thinking or have something highly plausible to bring forth.

I know, that is a lot never agains; and many of you may be saying never say never; we are humans, and we make mistakes; often over and over again.

Good points and in that case, may God grant me the humility to be fearless and brave every time I need to learn anew and especially when it has to be the harder way. May I always embrace the crosses in my life for the sake of righteousness and so that I continue to grow in God’s image and as his son.

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