7 Quick Takes #2

7 Quick Takes #2 December 11, 2009

I am renewing my efforts to wash every-ones hands when we get home from going ANYWHERE. I missed twice and now all the babies have runny noses. I really think it was helping!

I got a box of presents sent from my Grandparents. It made me cry when I got it in the mail, it cost them $26 to mail 3 little homemade nightgowns and a Pink Panther DVD and a Cookbook all the way up here. We had told everyone not to get us presents since postage and customs is ridiculous, but Grandpa didn’t listen. It made me feel so good to get a box from family that I am re-thinking our “no-present” policy, maybe we can figure out some way to mail presents down to everyone.
If you let the laundry go to long, you will eventually run out of underwear for 2 of the 3 underwear wearing people in your house. Hence the need to either keep up with the laundry, or buy extra underwear.

The single most thing I miss about summer is being able to have my windows open.

When it is -15 F outside, it is time to admit that it is winter and get down your coat that you’ve been refusing to wear.
I found a flyer for this on sale for only $80!

But by the time I got to the store they were sold out. I am disappointed to miss out on my one opportunity so far to get an energy burner for my children since we will be trapped indoors for about 6 more months. My search continues.

I am trying to become a better mom in the mornings and I’ve been looking for imput this week on how to make that happen. So if you can give me some hope, please read this and comment. (If you have already commented THANK YOU! You are helping me strategize!)

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