So glad I could help

So glad I could help January 27, 2010

Lately, baby girl has been unwilling to nurse unless I am lying down. Especially at nap-time. Yesterday, (after admonishing my toddlers to “be nice and quiet” while I laid the baby down) I retreated into the bedroom to nurse her on our bed.

She was pretty tired and passed out within 5 minutes. I walked out into the living room to discover Ms. Action and Ms. Drama sitting in a giant mound of size 3 and 4 diapers they had pulled out. Stifling my frustration with the mess (at least they were quiet so the baby could fall asleep) I began picking up diapers and sorting them by size and packing them back into the baskets they are supposed to be stored in.

My toddlers joined in enthusiastically. Haphazardly shoving hand-fulls of crumpled diapers into the baskets and jamming them down with their hands to make room for more. As the last diaper was put away Ms. Action patted my cheek and said:

“Good job Mommy, you’re a good helper!”

So glad I could help.

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