Quick Takes #11- Links Edition

Quick Takes #11- Links Edition March 12, 2010
So I have excited news. My family is coming up to visit me!! I am so incredibly excited! This is the first time they have been able to make it up to my place since we moved so far away. So, needless to say, I won’t be on next week. I have another Catholic post in the works (sometimes these things take forever to write!), but it will have to wait until a week or so from now. Since I won’t be around, I figured I would use this Quick Takes to share some of my favorite posts from my Blog, feel free to click around and read. And yes, I love comments, even on older posts. Or feel free to email me. Talk to you in a week!
Last year one of my first posts was about body image. This is something I have struggled with my entire life, but here I talk about a specific aspect of it.
I still have alot to learn about my children and being a mother, but here I talk about a big breakthrough I discovered last year. Seeing my children as people has changed everything about how I parent.
If your interested in learning more about me, I did some Quick Takes about my quirks here and here.
In my faith journey, I have learned so much from the Catholic Church. Sometimes I want to write a book called “How the Catechism changed my life”! I’ve written about it quite a bit, but you can read some of them here and here.
I am also a minister’s wife, and I’ve posted a little bit about those challenges here and here.
I try to be pretty honest when I blog about things that I struggle with. I’ve talked about fear and depression.
I talk alot about my kids. There are examples here (of what I strive for) and here (what often happens!).
So, alot of random links, I post on a large variety of topics now that I look at it. If you like, you can let me know what aspect you enjoy about my blog. What topics do you like read about here?
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