Quick Takes #14

Quick Takes #14 April 30, 2010
This week has had lots of ups and downs. As we continue to learn about ourselves and our pasts and our future it gets overwhelming sometimes. But in the end my husband and I only get more united in purpose and in our marriage. I may have to post about some of the books we’ve been reading.  Also, as the sun gets up earlier and earlier, so are my children. I am not ready to be human at 6 AM, but it is only going to get worse as the summer progresses, so I better figure out how to deal with it.
While writing emails the other day, my toddlers climbed into the bathtub and covered each other in strawberry conditioner. They went through about half a bottle before I realized that they were not playing quietly in their bedroom like I’d thought. In good news, they were in the bathtub, so the mess was contained. The conditioner washed easily out of their clothes, and their hair looks beautiful and smells of strawberries.
 At church Ms Drama suddenly had a fever, I held her through the whole church service while she slept, and by the end her fever had gotten higher. When we got home her fever was 103 and she threw up all over the couch. After dose of  Tylenol, a bath and a nap, she seemed completely normal again. I am still puzzled over what illness comes on so quickly and disappears equally as fast. In bad news, I still think I can smell vomit somewhere around my couch and I cannot figure out where exactly it is coming from.
My baby girl is standing. At this rate this child will be walking by 8 months old. I’ve never seen anything like it, but she is determined! She now pulls herself up on furniture and walks along it. I am constantly hovering to try to prevent her from getting another bruise on her cheek from losing her grip and falling, but she is actually getting better and better balance every day, so she doesn’t fall nearly as often.


Randomly, I love those times when I am able to nurse my baby uninterrupted. Where I am not waiting for her to sleepy enough for me to quietly slip away, and instead can lay there and watch her nurse in her sleep, until eventually she is in such a deep sleep that she lays there snoring softly with breast milk leaking out of her mouth, one little fist gripping my shirt.

I also love it when Ms Drama climbs into my lap and says “sonnn mama, sonnn”. And then lays there while we rock in the rocking chair listening to every word of all the lullabies my grandma used to sing to me. She usually ends the singing time with a “tiss” on my mouth and hugs me while patting my back. (I don’t know where she got that patting the back thing, but it is so cute!) And then she’s back to running around and playing.

I love watching the wheel’s turn in Ms. Action’s head. She has to stand up on her chair when I am cooking and point to which spices she thinks would taste good. Lately if I tell her to stop doing something she likes to respond “Just a minute, I have to look for something” and then she squints at whatever she was doing. She also likes to come up with plans for going to the park or the store or visiting the neighbors dogs and then tell me all about them.

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