Small Succcesses #13

Small Succcesses #13 April 22, 2010
I took all 3 of my kids out to the park near our house all by myself. 1 in the sling, 1 in the stroller and 1 on the tricycle. We walked to the park (past the middle aged lady at the bus stop whom Ms. Action insisted was “gonna get her!”), swung on the swings, went down the slides, climbed the hill or “Big Mountain” as my children call it (obviously my children have never seen a real mountain) and looked around at the houses, counted cars, and watched the garbage truck go through the neighborhood. By the time we walked home, the baby was sleeping in the sling, and Ms. Action had finally figured out how to pedal forwards on her tricycle (pedaling backwards seemed to come naturally). 
Despite being perpetually behind in dishes and laundry, we have always had enough clean silverware and enough clean underwear.
I have had my windows open every day this week! The sun  has been out, it has not been raining, the tulips are peeping through the dirt, and I am almost sure that I am starting to see buds on the trees! I wish the weather would stay like this forever. I love having my windows open.
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